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Cretan soap AMALTHIA is a traditional product that was evolved in the mountains of Crete from old recipes and was maintained aytoy'sjo up to today, from a romantic and active Cretan Mr V. Myrjokefaljta'ki.
Basic characteristic his that him makes be differentiated that we have known up to today they are that so much the product what his producer they do not know nothing for colours, the chemical and other substances that are today widespread in most vjomihanopojime'na products. The AMALTHIA is a soap 100% natural, from vo'tana that fy'ontaj in the mountains of Crete and pure unrefined oil of olive.
Mr Myrjokefaljta'kis learned the recipe before 10 years from a 95hrono Cretan and him maintained aytoy'sja up to today.
Mr Myrjokefaljta'kis is vjocerapeyti's, worships the nature and the natural products and used the soap before 10 years –o'pws characteristically to us describes - first in where it faced problem of trjho'ptwsis. Seeing beneficial characteristically, it began him to use in friends and relatives so much, that in the end became the product part of his work.
As us informs the chemist from Crete Mr G. Kokkinakis (also fervent supporter of this soap), AMALTHIA stops the trjho'ptwsi (and particularly when this you owe in exogenic factors or in any degree it is influenced by them). "With the use of soap AMALTHIA the hair strengthens, new fy'tres and trj'hes xanafytrw'noyn and it cleans the head, the person and for that it wants, the body."
According to the association of chemist s Crete "SYFAK" the AMALTHIA is suitable for trjho'ptwsi, pjtyrj'da, xirodermj'a and dermal diseases ( person les, stains, acne). It softly attends the skin charm in the attributes of olive oil. It does not contain tasjenerge's unions, artificial colours and perfumes. It does not even cause irritations in the most sensitive cuticles and he is friendly to the human organism and the environment one and it does not contain pota'sa as usually it becomes with the soaps of this category.
What us made particular impression apart from the hospitable and anojhto'kardo producer of soap the k Myrjokefaljta'ki, that gave afejdw's soaps in exhibitors and visitors, is the force of one from the components his, this agrjokremmy'das.

In one walking with the k Myrjokefaljta'ki in the mountains of Rethimno, in order to us it shows the places of meditation vota'nwn that it contains his product, we found itself front in a astonishing make that we saw with himself the us eyes. A agrjokremmy'da who had been covered by boiling hot asphalt and obviously had passed from on her lorries and bulldozers, despite the unfavourable conditions of evaporation of water and disappearance of each form of life under this boiling hot asphalt, possible and skliragwgime'no this Cretan vo'tano him punctured also vla'stise in in katakalo'kajro, bad spirit strating to us with the better way forces and her possibilities.

Today that the fashion wants a product he is specialised (other for the shave, other for the hair, other for the person k.t.l.) so that we have filled our bathroom with spre'j, gel, soaps k.t.l. it is curious that exists still products friendly to the organism and suitably for each use. That is to say if we used phraseology marketing we would say that this product is all in. With this soap we washed itself, with this xyrjzo'maste, with this we clean our skin, he is suitable even for dermal diseases or for sprawl - as us informed dermatolo'goj that already has added the AMALTHIA in the products that recommends.

Alw'ste is not accidental that this product exists mainly in the shops of healthy wet nurses (products of biological culture) and in the herb stores.

Us haropoj'ise particularly the make that soap AMALTHIA have discovered already the Germans, so that he exports more from 25.000 items in the German market (according to Mr Myrjokefaljta'ki) this time expressed the interest of Ja'pwnas businessman for the disposal of product in the Japanese market!!!.
Today that we have got used to consume imported products, the make that we have in Greece products that conquer the international markets and gain the confidence of foreigners, us it makes particularly proud.

Closing this presentation, we felt the need to wish each success in the AMALTHIA and we will be glad it continues aytoy'sja be produced from the same recipe and with the same method (200 + days of xi'ransis, against the 4 usual vjomihanopojime'nwn soaps).
With this presentation we wish also we with our line to contribute in the spread of very good as we realised product.

Good success AMALTHIA.
Good success Mr Myrjokefaljta'ki in your difficult work confronted with the giants of modern marketing with your unique arm obvious characteristics of your product.

Products AMALTHIA are sold mainly in the shops of healthy wet nurses and in the herb stores. In the web page and exist information on the points of sale of products as well as possibility beingof order.

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