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The operations of metwpjaj'oy lobe
The brain is divided in a lot of departments or lobes. The each lobe has concrete operations. Pj'sw ap’ the forehead they are the metwpjaj'oj or frontal lobes. For facility, we were reported in the right and left winger lobe, collective as “to metwpjaj'o lovo'”. It is the bigger lobe of brain. It is the place of crisis, logic, intelligence and will. It is the centre of control of entire our existence. Certain scientists are reported in the metwpjaj'o lobe as “Korw'na” the brain. The studies show that the named this “Korw'na” carries out a variety from vital operations. Certain ap these are found in list in table 2.
The spirituality, the character, the moral and will are the characteristics that us give our unique individuality. Consequently, a individual with destroyed metwpjaj'o lobe resembles the himself, as he was always, but if you come in communication with him, it is usually obvious that “apla' he is not j'djos”.
The book of books is reported in the importance of metwpjaj'oy lobe in order to we know the god. The last book of Saint Writing makes a provocative statement, that is mentioned in table 3.
This text shows that the character of god [ the name of ], is repeated in our character [ explains with examples ap the frontal lobe, that is precisely behind ap forehead ].
It is fascinating we observe that the size of metwpjaj'oy lobe differs between the persons and various animals. It is the metwpjaj'os lobe that mainly separates the persons from the animals, as it appears in table 4.
Those that have the smaller metwpjaj'oys lobes have limited ways of life moved ap the instinct. Those that have bigger metwpjaj'oys lobes are capable to carry out complexer operations. Ga'tes, with 3,5% of only brain in the metwpjaj'o lobe, they are limited in crisis and logic. They have a a lot of limited faculty to analyze information and to make crises based on new information, thus, they are based basically on the instinct. The dogs are more ekpajdey'sjmoj because the 7% ap their brain are found in the metwpjaj'o lobe. Ana'mesa in the animals, hjmpatzi'des they have bigger metwpjaj'o lobe - up to the 17% of their brain. The persons, ap the other side, have, 33% of their brain in the metwpjaj'o lobe.
Certain animals have other departments of brain that are more developed ap what the human beings. For example, comparatively with the animals, hjmpatzi'des they have much bigger cerebellums in the region of brain that checks co-ordination [ of movement ]. This has reasonable base, because hjmpatzi'des they need a lot of good balance and agility in order to they are shaken and they jump from tree in tree. The birds have also very well developed cerebellums in order to they fly, they are landed and they chase. All these activities require a high level of co-ordination. ¢lla animals can have one richer occipital lobe [ lobe in the rear department of brain ] the centre of brain, where it finds or sight. For this the reason their sight of is generally much better ap that of persons. Still other animals have more developed the pla'gjoys lobes. However, for the persons, the difference is found in the clearly much bigger metwpjaj'oys lobes. Thus, we have the faculty for high intellectual thought and superior training faculty.
In order to we appreciate completely the importance of metwpjaj'wn lobes he is precious we still examine few cases from the chronicles of medical history. One of the reasons for this is that the Fjne'as lost only department of his frontal lobes. The choices in the way of life can influence entire our metwpjaj'oys lobes - with more dramatic ways ap that the loss of Fjne'a

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The operation of metwpjaj'oy lobe

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The operations of metwpjaj'oy lobe

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