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The way of life can also destroy the metwpjaj'o lobe
This region of brain has today taken still bigger importance for at least two still reasons. Firstly, exists a increasing accent in the personal growth and in the intellectual operation. Secondly, many feel that the social rules and moral thought [ reasonable ] collapse. Certain scientists wonder, ea'n exist natural reasons in order to they explain such changes. It can do exist certain factors in the way of life that can destroy this critical part of brain and influence - in the substance - who we are? The answer is sure “Naj”.
The daily practices of our way of life can indeed influence our our tamperame'nto and behavior. The forward department of our brain, can or be increased, or be reconciled from our usual choices. This discovery of science of brain has obvious repercussions for all of us. Comprehending the factors that influence our metwpjaj'oys lobes, we can improve our record in the work or in the school, n’ we develop better social faculties, to be responsible parents, neighbours or spouses - and the list is continued.
Even if most persons do not select any book on the health, in order to they read relatively for the metwpjaj'o lobe, this can be the most important capital s entire my book. You I encourage to read, what follows carefully. Your faculty to apply the healthy changes in the way of life that is recommended s’ this book, can very well be based on the operation of your metwpjaj'oy lobe, in the highest efficiency.

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The operation of metwpjaj'oy lobe

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The way of life can also destroy the metwpjaj'o lobe
The operations of metwpjaj'oy lobe

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