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The destroyed metwpjaj'os lobe caused the deterioration of character
Before the accident the Fjne'as was lovable, responsible and intelligent worker and spouse. He was known as a individual with high moral beginnings and was described with base of report as “e'na eysevi', humble and regularly ekklisjazo'meno a'tomo”. So much e'xohos he was the character of Fjne'a that the files of his work him praised as “ton more active and capable arhjerga'ti” that never had been engaged by the railways of Rutland and Burlington. Afterwards the accident, the Fjne'as appearred to be physiologically the himself in form and intellectually same intelligent. It could work and speak so much well what before ap the accident. His memory was the himself good.
But certain important things differed afterwards the accident. His moral collapse was immediately obvious. He became sentimental with regard to certain things and neyrj'aze fast. Shortly, afterwards ap his wound it lost his interest for the church and the intellectual things. The Fjne'as became disrespectful and prone in the curse. It lost each respect for the social customs and became perfectly irresponsible. It passed from a commendable worker in kata'ntja the unemployment. His Company him released, when henceforth she could not responsibly achieve his duties. Dr John Harlow, his doctor, declared that the accident destroyed “tin balance of Fjne'a, ana'mesa in the intellectual faculty of also animal tendencies toy”. Finally, it led to abandon his woman and his family and became member of touring circus. Traymatjki' metwpjaj'a lovotomi' his Fjne'a it cost his personality, his moral metres and the engagement in his family, his church and his loves.
The Fjne'as died 13 years afterwards the accident. Dr Harlow 5 years afterwards the stop living of Fjne'a, proceeded in a energy that obviously helped the Medical Science. What made? It asked ap’ the family of Fjne'a, they allow ektafej' his body and his skull it is kept as a permanent medical file [ evidence ]. The family agreed also up to today the skull with the iron bar of [ that ca'ftike side by side with Fjne'a ] they are accomodated in the Medical Museum of Anatomy in the Warren of Ha'rvant of University.
Provided that had not become autopsy, the affairs were continued at the duration of years, for that precisely had happened the wound. The landmark of this status quo famous case, were certified moreover in 1994, when ap the most valid scientific newspapers of world, the Science, it dedicated prwtose'ljdo her in the Fjne'a. The newspaper presented a article that syggra'fike from scientists of Ha'rvant, the University of Iowa, and his Institute Salk As Diego. These researchers used advanced copies computer and examinations of skull with beams - h in order to locates the precise department of brain that substantially had been destroyed. They led that the Fjne'as had also lost a important department in the two sides of forward department of his brain, known as Lefts and right regions of metwpjaj'wn lobes.
What we learn from the unique case of Fjne'a? It showed that a department of brain, the metwpjaj'os lobe, is person in charge for the moral thought and the social behavior.

The capital begins with a explanation of operation of metwpjaj'oy lobe. Then, we examine the profits and the damage in the metwpjaj'o lobe that it can create the diet. Finally, will be presented other energies that we can make in order to we increase the operation of metwpjaj'oy lobe.

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The operation of metwpjaj'oy lobe

The destroyed metwpjaj'os lobe caused the deterioration of character

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The operations of metwpjaj'oy lobe

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