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The operation of metwpjaj'oy lobe
When the sun rose on 13 September in 1848, no one ap those that lived then it could imagine the serious makes that would begin they shake the world of medical science that day. The strange sequence of makes was focused in a respectable ejkosjpenta'hrono constructor of railway lines in the Vermont, that was named [ Fjne'as ] Phineas P. Gage. I imagine that that day began as each other weekday day. The Fjne'as likely ate morning, was prepared for the work, kissed the woman and his children, and then was directed in his work in the railway. Kacw's it came out from the door, it could very well have said, “ca I am in the house for dinner, vra'dy”. But the Fjne'as him did not accomplish it is in the house for the evening dinner.
His work was it places railway rails through a mountainous region. A important quantity of exposives was essential. The Fjne'as was person in charge of this explosion. His daily work was well established: ska'be a deep hole in in the rock, filled partially completely with explosive dust and then covers the dust with sand. Sj'dero that was found dj'pla him they used in order to they strike hard the sand, stabilising thus the go'mwsi. Finally, they turned on a fytj'lj in order to ekpyrsokroti'sej the explosion. Mojraj'a that day, on 13 September, all went, as they were programmed. The deep koy'fja hole had skafcej' and the explosive charge was placed carefully in the hole. But something unexpected syne'vike in the usual line of things. Obviously from error of Fjne'a or his assistant, or from certain other cause suddenly became powerful explosion, which antj' to direct itself to the rock, was directed to the Fjne'a. The sj'dero 13 ljvrw'n, roughly one inch of thickness and 3 metres of length, ektoxey'tike immediately in this. With the force of rocket, sj'dero it entered under ap the left winger apple [ of his cheek ], it advanced behind his left winger eye, and then via his his medium brain it came out again outside. The bar had left a hole behind the thin trichoid line, after it had in passed ap the hairy skin of head, the skull and the hair in the course to outside. The explosion was so much possible, that the bar coming out from the head of Fjne'a had still enough force in order to it is landed enough metres long. The point of wound of Fjne'a appears in picture 1.
You will suppose that the dramatic explosion you finish the young age of Fjne'a. But this did not happen. The Fjne'as fell impassible for little, but in short time interval it recovered completely his senses and he was capable to speak even to walk with the help of his collaborators. Despite the how many well it began initially, the pollution however threatened his life for the next weeks. Fortunately, in the period before the antibiotics, the Fjne'as did not face by no means mortal pollutions. It survived and had almost a complete re-establishment - as long as it concerns his natural health. The alone natural marks that remained were the loss of sight in the left winger eye, a oyli' under ap the left winger apple ap where entered the bar and a oyli' in the top of head, from where it came out. Existed only a big problem, was not more the old Fjne'as.

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The operation of metwpjaj'oy lobe

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The operations of metwpjaj'oy lobe

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