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Friends parents what they eat your children?
You prepare tomorrow's corpulent, diabetics, ypertasjkoy's, kardjopacej's and karkjnopacej's?
Sure in your familial environment will exist some individual corpulent or diabetic or ypertasjko' or with some cardiopathy. They are diseases that have taken the form of epidemic.
What is to blaim for all this situation?
The special scientists to us say that exist factors that we cannot check, as the age, the romance and the heredity.
Also exist factors that we can check as the ancygjejno's way of life. The experts say that is to blaim the thoughtless consumption from meats, animal greases, dairy products, ready foods, a lot of sugar, rafjnarjsme'nes foods, alkoo'l, refreshments, drinks cola, coffee, polyfagj'a, lack of plant fibres and lack of physical exercise.
All these us cause various diseases that bear very a lot of persons.
This problem antj' it is limited continuously grows because we continue closing our t’ ears in the calls of special and because we grow the new generations with error way of life.
The body that is created and developed in the children's and adolescent age, needs the better diet and the better conditions of existence.
However, so much we the big what children us we nourished error. Why? From error information, error habits or “apo' varje'saj;” or because error foods are ey'gestes, pleasant, myrwda'tes and attractive.
Also certain perceptions perj' health that we had in the past have changed. Eg the corpulent children, were sometimes considered healthiest. Now we know how many questioning is the obesity. Kacw's prohwra'ej the science above in the subjects of health, you discover a lot of errors that we were called to correct.
Something else that contributes in our error diet is the daily anele'iti advertising attack via the mass media of these products.
A continuous projection that does not aim in the briefing, but rather in the “ply'si egkefa'loy”, without exists the proportional juxtaposition from the institutions that would be supposed to react, because high cost.
As we take one from the a lot of advertized products, the dairy products. How many you will advertize they exist the day for the milk complete, milk light, milk with cocoa, sandwich with milk and chocolate, ice-creams, chocolates, yoghurt complete, yoghurt with 2%, yoghurt with fruits, cheeses thus, cheeses differently etc You measure. What to us they promise? Proteins, calcium, force, energy and robust bones. What they show healthy, beautiful, cute and happy babies, children, young persons and new, and pairs.
And what do make the parents? They inflate their children with these products. They learn from small age that without the milk do not exist health, force and energy. Thus the children become lifelongly customers of these companies.
Unfortunately, no publicity to us does not say that the a lot of dairy products us fill with grease, cholesterol, thickness and with other factors can we become candidate kardjopacej's and other diseases.
The Greek Institution of Cardiology via their magazine "In the rythms of Heart " they have been reported in this problem. In the article THAT IS CREATED the ARTIRJOSKLIRWSI, Mr Dim. Tsagkado'poyloy, commissary of A of Cardiologic Clinic of hospital the SALVATION, after it explains that is created the artirjoskli'rwsi, it finishes what we can make with the following advices:
" In any case, important it is that it is possible the artirjoskli'rynsi him we delay, him we maintain without deterioration or him we even make recede.
All this him we achieve if we are careful and avoid the prodjacesjkoy's factors that him created, overwhelming henceforth the bigger efforts.
Thus, it should we interrupt completely the smoking, we assiduously avoid the riches in cholesterol foods (as greasy meats, eggs, custards, butters, complete milk and cheese) and the foods with a lot of sugar (as the sweets, pastries, chocolates, refreshments) and we exercised still more and regularly ". (copy)
In other copy of magazine of ELJKAR Mr Hrjsto'doylos Stefanj'dis, helping professor of Cardiology of Medical School of University Athens, in question when it will be supposed does begin the prevention for the cardiopathies? It writes! "The answer here is absolute: FROM THE BIRTH OF PERSON. It is known from medical studies that the damage artirjosklirw'sews begins from the young age, a lot front they become perceptible with pathological symptoms ".
Finishing his article it writes:
" As we give the fight from the children's age saying: no in cholesterol and in the foods that him contain in abundance, no in the smoking, no in the obesity ".
In other copy of magazine of Greek Institution of Cardiology, Mr Virtuous Pjtsavo's helping professor of cardiology of Medical School of University Athens, with regard to the diet of children reports:
" I am not first that points out that the diet of Greeks and particularly the children is the villain that it can imagine no one ".
It is enough you I remind that we consume more meat at individual from each other European, that the Ellino'poyla are the corpulentest children of Europe and eat finally so much kroyasa'n that do not consume.
" A important factor in order to we anticipate the artirjoskli'rynsi and the infarction is the change of alimentary habits. Particular importance has the diet for the children and the adolescents ".
And Mr Pjtsavo's finishes his article.
The infarction in new persons is not infrequent today but was almost unknown before few years. As ska'voyme, therefore, la'kko our with the himself us… the teeth ".
A other cardiologist declared, in order that are nourished the Ellino'poyla today, will become the tomorrow's patients our our (customers).
What do mean these statements and the other relative articles that are published in this copy with regard to the diet of our children?
Not only we big should be careful what we eat, what pj'noyme and generally that we live, but also our children much more. They have need of particular attention.
It is a lot of wise man we build good health from the beginning of life. It is extremely important enter the right foundations in the first years in order to we acquire healthy habits for all us the life, so that our passage from this life to be painless and particularly the period of our west.
If up to moment him you do not have no one, now is time, that, after you study the subject of diet, to revise your diet.
Begin slowly-slowly to decrease the animal foods and you increase slowly-slowly plant, until you reach in a point your basic diet to be based on plant, according to the Mediterranean diet.
Is truth that most persons when they hear or read that it should they limit in minimal the animal foods and they increase plant according to the pyramid of Mediterranean diet, sokarj'zontaj or him they see as insane, or are impossible lives the person without or with minimal animal foods.
You I remind that in all the world exist enough millions persons that have not eaten never meat and are a joy.
Also a lot of athletes became vegetarians. This him it says all.
Our Greece has splendid and enviable and abundant cerials, legumes, froytolahanjka', dry fruits, olives and olive oil, bread of total milling.
If to you is absent a lot the meat, you prefer fishes, biological chickens and turkeys. The other meats you particularly leave the in the end and pork and naturally all cold meat that is pork. As long as for the dairy products, minimal at preference no with minimal greasy - attention in the rafjnarjsme'nes foods.

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