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Diagrammatic depiction of alimentary constitution in level of foods
St’ Order A’ of Public school of Schools of Vineyard
The pyramid of Mediterranean diet presents a diagrammatic depiction of constitution for the consumption of various teams of foods and for the natural activity. It deserves, however, are pointed out also the following additional elements:
- You do not exceed the desirable weight for your height.
- Vulnerable late, at preference in concrete hours of day, without stress and with the company of beloved persons.
- You prefer fruits or dry fruits and no pastries in intermediary mjkrogey'mata.
- You prefer water and no the refreshments.
- The healthy individuals (minus egky'wn) they do not need alimentary supplements (vitamins, trace elements ktl.) when they follow a balanced diet.
- Ypocermjka' (light) foods do not constitute substitute of natural exercise for the control of obesity. Moreover, their consumption in big quantities has been proved that it leads to increase of bodily weight.
- The exemplary diet constitutes the final objective, but her adoption in daily base it becomes progressively.

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Diagrammatic depiction of alimentary constitution in level of foods
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