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Basic beginnings of right diet in the children's age
St’ order A’ of Municipal School of Vineyard
- The variety of wet nurses, with sufficient nutritious components, guarantees the better physique of organism. Enallasso'meno djajtolo'gjo it opens the appetite and ensures vitamins and trace elements.
- The grease should cover the 30-35% calories and be richly in monoako'resta greases that is to say olive oil and poor in kekoresme'na that is to say margarines.
- The salt and the sugar, that contributes in the growth of hypertension and decay respectively, should be avoided in big quantities.
- The djajtolo'gjo child it should it systematically includes sy'mplokoys carbohydrates and plant fibres (fruits, vegetables, legumes), that they help in the good operation of peptic system and in the prevention of constipation. Essential is also the increased engagement of water at the duration of day.
- The morning milk should not be omitted from djajtolo'gjo. Studies in our country have proved that the children go nistjka' to the school and resort to the ancygjejne's standardised delicacies of school kyljkej'wn.
- Generally the abuse of ancygjejnw'n wet nurses but also the excessive deprival should be avoided mainly for psychological reasons.
- Unfortunately, the western way of diet has also passed in the Greek family and the so much healthy Mediterranean diet, as other good habits, have been forgotten. The consumerism, the fashion and the models of television convince daily the children, and particularly the adolescents, that the skeya'smata of vitamins and the supplements of diet, can substitute the food of family. Corruptible victims you you will advertize products for “zwnta'nja” and “ene'rgeja” they are the children that deal intensely with the sports.
- A lot of factors, between which the lack of time and the fast life of parents and children, opened the door in the ready standardised food (fast food), that slowly-slowly is installed as habit of diet, and follows the individual up to the persons life. Fast food do not provide nutritious components only that calories, lead to the obesity and no infrequent, provide conservatively foods or colouring substances. For example double hamburger with cheese contains 10-15 teaspoons koresme'no grease, 1 gr. salt with moreover and has roughly 1000 calories.
- It is not anexi'gito a'llwste the discovery Greek and international studies, according to which the child consumes long times in the television with simultaneous overconsumption of ready standardised food.
- The concentration of her members round table, in one at least of the main dinners, promotes in the learning of right rules and ways of diet. Simultaneously it constitutes point of meeting where the exchange of opinions, the annotation of makes of everyday routine and the endoojkogenejaki' discussion kojnwnjkopojoy'n the child and him inspire feelings jsonomj'as and autonomy in his small environment.
- The food is not "work " and much more "podarjoy' ". It can become spear for the education of child, the pleasure of all and the growth of beams in the family.

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