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Consequences of pesticides in children
St’ order A’ Dim. of School of Vineyard
In one of the bigger threats for the humanity are elected the pesticides, which more scientific researches connect always with karkjnopa'ceja, ypogonjmo'tita, the cerebral damage and with the most terrible abnormalities of newborn. The toxic chemical insecticides should be considered arms of mass destruction, stress in her thorough article the Fate Mpre'mer in the British inspection “The Ecologist”. Precisely gj’ this reason stresses that the choice of biological agriculture does not constitute anymore question la'jf sta'jl, but litteraly question of life or stop living.
“pajdja' fytofarma'kwn” they were energetically, they had smaller tendency of collaboration, poorer memory and were creatively in their game concerning the children free from pesticides of hills. When it was asked by the children to paint a person the results were tragic. Children of age of five years, from the regions that they had vomvardjstej' from chemical, painted exceptional fragmentary. Also the particular children were uneasy and aggressive, without they have been caused.
It is conclusions of her recent research you act Elisabeth Gkjgje't in Mexico. Were little selected children of preschool age, with the himself - very genetic background, but from two categories. Those that live in the plain, that is used pesticides and those that live in the hills, that are not used. Examining the women of plain were detected high levels of remains from various chemical poisons in the maternal milk and in the blood. No one however of the children did not show externally marks of influence. The results however were very otherwise when the two groups were found front in test behavior, where were recorded the parapa'nw conclusions.
In the “The Ecologist” it is marked that exist powerful elements that also only the stay next to fields that are used toxic germicides is dangerous, taking into account of that almost the 10% of persons are genetically sensitive in the wide use of organofwsforjkoy' salt (OR).
"The pesticides harm the skin, the eyes, the glandular systems cause cardiac deseases, asthma and cancer and sneakiest than all influence the human herb and the ova, strike the brain and the organism of foetuses causing infirmities as well as leathal premature gestations ", denounce the Fate Mpre'mer.
Ma become don't controls? The controls are not effective answer the British journalist. Firstly are not checked the reactions of various substances between them. Often the additives in a pesticide are more toxic than the basic substance. Also even if it is known from the antiquity that the effect of poisons often is increased with the passage of time, most test check the direct consequences. We know also that the medicament s that it takes a woman can they even affect in the child in her grandchild. But in the case of pesticides does not become research of in-depth generations.
All these underline the need stops the chemical war of fields.
The biological products are the sure and qualitative products of market.

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