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Return in the Mediterranean traditional diet
From the A’ Municipal School of Vineyard (N. Larissa)
On 4 June 2003, in the Intellectual Centre of Municipality of Vineyard, the first Municipal School of city presented with big success a very appreciable work on the subject the “Mesogejaki' Traditional Djatrofi'”. A work that was prepared with a lot of affection and taste from the students of orders A’, V’ and ST’ with the guidance and collaboration of their schoolteachers. Those who watched this event, katencoysja'stikan so much that regularly burst out in claps. All took a important and urgent message we return in the traditional diet of our ancestors, in order to we avoid the plagues of our season.
The periodical “Kaly'teri Zwi'” that was present there, congratulates and it thanks the Director of school Mr Zygoy'ri, the schoolteachers, the schoolteachers and particularly all the children that collaborated in this effort.
This initiative and the work of students in the projection of value of our traditional diet and their call to return in this, are registered in the pages of our magazine to price and in clue of gratitude to the students and in all that collaborated in this effort.
It is registered in order to they take this message that sends the children of Vineyard, all the children, all the schools, all the Greek families, all the responsible institutions and that cultivate, prepare, trade and advertize that we eat and that pj'noyme.
The children gave examinations not only in the theory but also in the practice. That is to say what was declared began him to make action in their life. In the school for intermediary (kolatsjo') they bring from their house fruits and other spjtjka' sandwich. As long as for the canteen of school it only allocates that it is healthy.
At the duration of event they presented researches, proposals, skets, poems, songs, album, a lot of tables and posters, all with regard to the Mediterranean Traditional Diet.

The program had as follows:
1. GREETING: from the Director of School Mr Zygoy'ri
2. SPEECH: from the Kwnst. Petsj'ni, Representative of World Service of Health
Ejsigi'trja: Mrs Tsaroy'ha Labrini
Presentation: Students A’ of order
Songs: Speaks I for apples - my Summertime smells
Ejsigi'trja: Mrs Koyka'ki Virtue
Presentation: Students V’ of order
Songs: Farmer - Froytopj'a
Rapporteur: Mr Asramoy'lis Thomas
Presentation: Students ST’ of order - Songs

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