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The residents of cities, with lahta'ra wait for the summer interruptions in order to xedw'soyn from the horrible everyday routine of city. And when comes the period of interruptions to us touches such amo'k, where many times we leave as na'naj and we go where na'naj.
This polypo'citi escape is justified and necessarily, because him we needed. We have need to escape from the way of life of city, polluted atmosphere, the noise, the ate'lejwto traffic jam in the streets, the stress, the so much problems and the other villains. We need bodily, intellectual and mental rest.
The question that is placed is, with the interruptions him we achieve this or we turn more tired, as becomes in a amusement, sí a pa'rtj, etc Most persons when they go sí a gle'ntj, antj' they are renewed and they return their houses more possible, they turn kata'kopoj from the xeny'htj, the a lot of food and drink, that the morning it is impossible they are raised. And if it should they then go to their work, all the day it is for kla'mata.
The end of summer interruptions, for a lot of persons they resemble with a return from some classic gle'ntj as I mentioned before. However these are not interruptions for renewal. She is simply one from the himself.
The summer interruptions in order to us they profit, will be supposed we give the occasion in our splendid and precious organism to be renewed through the simple summer food, the koly'mpj, the walk in the kataka'cari and quiet nature, the companionship of family and the sleep.
The summertime is the better period for detoxification of our organism, apí that mpoyhti'same one entire year and particularly the winter. Leave in the end the meats, the butters, the sweets, the drinks, the coffees and the refreshments. Pjej'te abundant water, vulnerable wme's salads of season, a lot of beautiful horticultural, a lot of fruits, cerials not processed and few fishes if you want something in meat. Exploit this occasion and you enjoy the a lot of goods that us gives the Pana'gacos God via the ground.
At the same time you practise itself more, after you have the approval of your doctor. Sleep more. Dedicate time for your/companion and your children. Read a beautiful book. Exploit each possibility for real renewal.
This summertime, these interruptions marsh as main objective your renewal, in order that returning you are much more possible, better immunogenic system, better nervous system in order to you face the daily cross of urban centres at the remainder 12 months. Therefore good interruptions, good renewal and good return.

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