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Alkoo'l and Smoking Cause premature ageing
The children that begin to smoke and pj'noyn in order to they appear bigger age most likely they will achieve their objective more from as long as they would want. The alcohol and the smoking accelerate the process of ageing and this appear more when the individual is in the flower of age. Forget therefore the charm and the liveliness that they relate you will advertize with the cigarette and alcohol and you look at the mirror!
Firstly, the alcohol aneva'zej the levels of feminine hormone the estrogenic in the men and antrjki's hormone testosterone in the women and thus bisector line man/woman begins to blur. In the men the volume initiating is decreased, the body becomes more kampylwto', the bones weakens also trj'hwma becomes thinnest. These changes begin even with small quantities of consumption. In the Great Britain of the 44% of young persons of age 18-24 pj'noyn above the limit that has placed the Ministry of Health, while the himself is in effect for the 29% of men of age 25-44,
28% for their age 45-64 and 18% for them above 65. the truth are however that even the consumption in in the limits that it has placed the ministry in question is dangerous. The alcohol decreases the levels of testosterone while it causes loss asvestj'oy and thus weakens the bones. A study in Russia showed that the men there live on average 14 years least from the women mainly because the high consumption of alcohol.
The alcohol also lowers the levels of insulin in the blood. The result is that they increase the levels of grease and thus are created "kampy'les" in the men. In the women happens opposite. Kampy'les they are lost while the increase of testosterone makes the skin softest and thickens the pilosity in the person and in other points of body. The voice becomes heavier and the character most aggressive, particularly in the women that have such inclination.
These changes begin even with small quantities and of course they are worsened as long as increases the consumption. Returning in the Great Britain and in the limits that it has placed there Ministry of Health we see the following: 35% of women of age 18-24 pj'noyn above the limit, 19% of women of age 25-44,14% for ages 45-64, and 7% for the women above 65.
For all ages the mean that pj'nej above the limit is 28% for men and 17% for the women. We see therefore that a important percentage of population "is in a hurry ageing ". The persons resort to alcohol for various reasons but whoever if it is also the reason, the result is that the alcohol it influences a lot how many young persons we show and felt.
The smoking and the skin
What influences the skin influences also the appearance and the cigarette is one from the mainer factors that cause premature rib. The smoking increases the production of substance that is named matrix metalloproteinase (MMR) which dissolves the old skin and thus helps in the renewal of skin. The increase of however production of MMR creates problems kacw's it begins to dissolve not only the old but also new skin and thus accelerates the ageing. The smoking also syrrjknw'nej the vessels that nourish the cells of skin.
Thus, the rib is more frequent and in nearo'teri age in smokers despite in not smoked. Studies that made Dr Harry Daniel show that: "The relation ana'mesa in the smoking and in the premature rib was most obvious in men and women afterwards the 30 and she was proportional with how much cigarettes and for how much time they smoked. Smoked age 40-49 they had similar levels of rib with not smokers of age 60-69. "<>
If in more we add also the apokroystjki' smell of cigarette in the hair, the clothes and the skin, then if really us it interests the appearance it should him we cut.
Certain try they fight the rib with artificial means. Today, very popular they are ene'sejs Botox. The Botox is a substance that is manufactured by the toxin votylj'ni, a poison that is produced by the bacterium clostridium botulinum which when it is found in foods causes trophic poisonings.
Ene'sejs Botox they were used for first time by Dr Steven Gulevich in the United States. The Gulevich was careful that small quantities of this substance stopped provisionally the twitches initiating. Initially the Botox was used for muscular diseases in the eyes, as nervous tjk or frequent anojgoklej'sjmo.
Small quantities Botox paralyse their my'es of person that is used, for example, when we raise the brows. Provided that Botox paralyses the muscles, the forehead rytjdw'nej. The Botox begins to affect 3 with 7 days afterwards the e'nesi and it prevents the rib for three with four months. The extended use has longer-lasting results kacw's the muscles suffer atrophy.
He is ironic that the persons that smoke and pj'noyn accelerating thus the ageing are willing they make ene'sejs this poison in order to they reverse the ageing of skin! However and this effort can to turn out useless. The alcohol rinses this toxin from the muscles and in particular it can cause mela'njasma in the point of e'nesis. She is therefore at least fool that women of Ho'lygoynt they make ene'sejs Botox and afterwards go in secular pa'rty where flows abundant the champagne!
The negative results of use Botox are not still known, but best that it can make whoever wants it appears newer it is to cut the cause of premature ageing that is to say alcohol and the smoking.
For wrinkles that come with the years and the physiologic ageing we can be proud. It is as medals in the fight of life. But he is fool we accelerate the ageing with bad habits as the smoking and alcohol.

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