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Now you keep your breathing, kacw's you read, until to you we say.
How you feel?
The dioxide of coal increases in your and this does not like in your cells! The perj'ssjo dioxide fires the chain of breathing.
The cells to you send a urgent message! But you do not hear. It tried you are thought something else. Sygkentrw'soy!
It includes. As you do not bear other. Do not keep other your breathing.
You don't feel some alleviation?
What is this important and ao'rato thing that is said air? Seldom we sate we think that exartw'maste by this for our each breathing. Without air we could live only for few thinly.

What exists in air?
You are ready for a short course of chemistry? Therefore we begin…
The air is mej'gma of four roughly individuals of nitrogen for each individual of oxygen, with relatively small quantities of dioxide of coal and minimal quantities from other substances. The surface of ground carries the weight from 500 millions of millions tones of air. In the level of sea, almost 8 kilos of air correspond in each square inch of surface of ground.
If you are thought that a column of air that zygj'zej roughly 500 kilos it is then supported in the head and in your shoulders, it is not strange that in the end of day you feel tired!

Shield of protection of ground
In atmosphere of ground the air is mixed with quantities of water vapours. The mej'gma covers entire the planet and is denser near in the ground. This protective shield protects the ground from dangers from the interval.· No of course from attacks extraterrestrial, but sure from millions meteorites that enter in atmosphere each day.
Most are dissolved by the heat that is caused by the friction kacw's they pass from the superior thin layers of atmosphere. Without this protective shield, these metewri'tes they would fall in the surface of ground. Would be supposed all we wear helmets.
The air and the water vapours in atmosphere, us protect also from the high levels of solar radiation. Still is useful sa heat insulation kacw's does not allow the heat of planet it escapes in the interval.

Ao'rati force
The light breeze shakes the tops of trees and it makes their leaves rustle softly. Jstjofo'ra sail calmly in the sea. Indeed, the air is usually a calm giant.
˘lles times, this ao'rati force can be horribly powerful. Him place in movement the differences of temperature and pressure and then the airs are moved with big speeds bringing chaos in the nature and in the persons. Still it can cause big waves, spoil and plimmyri'sej what is found front him. Anemostro'vjlos it can eradicate entire buildings from their foundations and destroy automotive sa they are pajhnjda'kja.

The air and your body
The presence of air becomes perceptible even in in your body. Kacw's you read this paragraph, a big muscle in your abdomen syste'lletaj. Kacw's syste'lletaj, it is gathered to under. Simultaneously certain muscles that begin from the vertebral column pull your sides to above. These two activities grow your koj'lwma thorax. The air enters in your lungs, that they inflate kacw's they fill from air.
However, this quantity of air should first pass from control. It enters from your nose, where the dust fjltra'retaj and does not pass. The system of heating of body zestaj'nej and it adds humidity in air kacw's he continues his travel in the larynx. It is completely koresme'nos - with water vapours kacw's it passes from the trachea.
This processed quantity of air passes through a line of pipings up to that reaches in the main part of your lungs. There it enters in small airbags that are named cerumens and that their number reaches until 400 millions.
These airbags have diameter roughly 0,2 thousandth. Trichoid vessels that carry blood, they cover their surface. If it put all these vessels the one afterwards other, would have length 2400 kilometres. When these vessels come in contact with the air that is in your lungs, becomes a very important operation. The red corpuscles that exist in the vessels, absorb oxygen and they leave a equal quantity of dioxide of coal.
In this point your lungs are inflated, as roughly a balloon. Now they begin to deflate. The air, that has now little oxygen and a lot of dioxide of coal, is pushed to outside by the same street that came. Then follows a small pause and the process is repeated.
Little more than four litres of air will enter in your lungs each thin when you rest. But when you begin to make spor the number is multiplied. Your body can use until 100 litres thin during intensive exercise!
In the trichoid vessels the work begins kacw's they take oxygen. The oxygonome'no blood leaves from the lungs and it passes from bigger vessels that are named arteries. Afterwards goes to the various bodies and muscle to all you the body.
In the various parts of destination, the blood reaches again in small vessels, many from which they are so much small what the cells of blood they pass. The blood leaves the oxygen that carries, takes a charge from dioxide of coal and begins again for the heart and the lungs.
In between, the oxygen it is useful as fuel in order to it moves the various work of various cells of his body. When it is burned, derivative the combustion it is the complicated process with which the body removes dioxide of coal and takes oxygen.
The air and your health
If you remain for long times in a room without good ventilation, it can you touch drowsiness and you cannot be assembled. You know who is the reason? Exists very little oxygen in air. The breathing does not bring enough oxygen in the body that with his line cannot work satisfactorily. ¢nojxe certain windows in order to enters few clean air! If makes cold, time a top. Make certain exercises outside in the sun. This it will help you strengthen the muscles that deal with the breathing and you will develop better the possibilities of your lungs. Of course, as result will lower the rythm of your breathing while simultaneously your blood can carry more oxygen.
In a lot of cities, the pollution of atmosphere creates certain particular problems, mainly for individuals that have respiratory problem. But even individuals without problem can be complicated.
The toxic gases and the small molecules from the industrial waste reach up to our respiratory system. The sensitive surfaces can suffer damage, that in certain cases is irreparable. The oxygenation of blood becomes difficult and poisons can unfold in entire the body. The smoking, naturally, will bring the same results.
The better way to defend oneself adversely in the pollution is him to avoid. If this is not practical solution for se'na, it tried you avoid at least the regions where the pollution is in worse levels. Avoid regions where exists a lot movement. Do not practise itself in exterior spaces when the pollution has reached in high levels. Remain in as long as more you can.

Blow of life
The creation of world, in order that him describes Bible, ejkonj'zej our Author it bends and it blows blow of life in the first person. The Author personally drew the manufacture of lungs. He drew the complicated respiratory system. He invented the marvellous process of exchange of oxygen with dioxide of coal. Your each breathing is a gift from the Author and Conserver pa'ntwn.
it wants you have one still gift - the gift of intellectual life. Anypomonej' you are felt the force and the liveliness of His presence, you occupy what it wants to you it says and you are corresponded in His guidance. If simply His demands, you it fills with live force and you it will help you live a more complete, richer life from as long as e'zises in the past

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