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The Maternal Milk Is Best
Cilasmo's he becomes always most popular. In 1971 only the 25% roughly from the mothers nursed their children. In 1998 the percentage was 65%, result of various programs that encourages maternal cilasmo'.
It is necessary we occupy that the maternal milk surpasses other choices as long as it concerns the nutritious components and helps better vre'fi they are developed. Cilasmo's it is also good and for the mother.
The first milk contains high levels jmjoynoglovy'nis A (IgA), that is necessary for first four with seven days. Then, the content of milk in water, grease and carbohydrates is increased in order to it covers his needs infants. The maternal milk contains substances that give the sign in the cells they are developed as well as substances that fight the microbes. It can however have low content in iron particularly if the mother suffers from lack of iron therefore vre'fi a'nw the six months that nurse perhaps need small additional doses.
For the mother, eyergetjko'tita cilasmoy' he becomes obvious from the first moments afterwards him you give birth kacw's it helps releases the organism oxytosy'ni which with her line decreases the loss of blood. Oxytosy'ni and prolaxy'ni they help the mother to relax and they cultivate feelings of connection with infant. Cilasmo's also it is related with hamilw'tera rates of danger for cancer in the breast before the menopause, while it delays also woryxj'a helping thus in the familial planning. Nursing have less probabilities they maintain by any chance perj'ssja kilos that they took with the pregnancy, while the reduction of trace elements that is observed in certain cases is usually provisional and the body recovers when it ceases cilasmo's.
The children that have nursed suffer from less illnesses kacw's they grow and in total they go to the doctor less times, while similar are also the benefactions for the mother. In the children that nursed regularly are recorded less cases of diarrhoea, pollutions of respiratory system, wtj'tjdas, meningitis, oyrolymw'xewn, enterocolitis and diabetes.
Cilasmo's it is natural and economic. We recommend the infant it exclusively nourishes with their maternal milk first six months with progressive addition of wet nurses of riches in iron in the next six.
In certain cases perhaps it needs moreover vitamin D and iron, or even vitamin V12 provided that the mother has lack. Generally, we recommend the mother nurses the infant for at least one year and cilasmo's to combine itself with other foods afterwards the sixth month.
Exist certain few cases where cilasmo's it is not recommended: in the mothers that make use narcotic or alcoholic drinks, or suffer from fymatj'wsi or HIV. Also certain medicament s harm. If the mother makes treatment for cancer of breast or the infant she suffers from the infrequent illness galaktosimj'a she should not it nurses.
Whether a mother will nurse or no she is in final analysis personal decision but it is good know the mother that the science underlines the beneficial effects cilasmoy' for the himself and the infant.

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