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Which type cancer you are in danger to suffer in your age?
The women present more new cases of cancer each year from the men. However, the men present the bigger mortality. The American Anticancer Company appreciates that from the 550.000 Americans that will leave from life from cancer this year, roughly 170.000 they will leave from life exajtj'as the use of tobacco and 19.000 will leave from life from causes that are related with the excessive consumption alkoo'l. Moreover, roughly the one third of stop livings from cancer they are related with the bad diet, the obesity, the lack of activities and other factors of way of life and they can be anticipated. A healthy way of life decreases the danger of appearance of cancer considerably. The researches show that the 20% of all cancers are only caused mainly by genetic factors.
The most common cancers in the women (apart from the cancer of skin) are in the breast, in the lungs and in ko'lon. The line changes when examines no one the stop livings from cancer. In the women, the cancer of lung is the mainer cause of stop living, followed from the cancer of breast and in ko'lon. Even if most persons fear the cancer, minimal are those that realise that the danger of appearance of cancer in a person changes with each decade of his life.
20. Most women at the age the 20-30 think mainly their karje'ra and search of companion. The cancer does not constitute usually their first concern. However, the cancer of neck of uterus constitutes important danger in this age. A lot of women know for the test Pap, knownest test for the cancer of neck of uterus. The test this can detect changes in the cells of neck of uterus and be followed the suitable treatment front is developed the cancer. The American Anticancer Company recommends each year test Pap for this cancer, when the women become romance ually active or in the age the 18 (that also if becomes first).
The danger for cancer is different for the women with each decade of life
The cancer of neck of uterus is caused by a pollution by the human virus papillomavirus (HPV). This usual virus passes from person in person via romance . The mainer factor of danger for the type of this cancer they are the a lot of fun companions, or romance with men that had a lot of fun companions. ¢lloj factors of danger is the smoking, the bad socio-economic situation, the not Caucasian race and the pollution with virus HIV. The cancer of neck of uterus affects more the women of age from the 20 until 40. Even if the danger is decreased kacw's the women grow, even the bigger women need the test Pap. Molono'tj the 25% of cases of all cancers of neck of uterus are only presented in women of age of 60 years or bigger, a 40% stop livings it is observed in this population. The cancer that is limited only in the neck, is faced locally with refrigeration, beams laser or abstraction of neck. Seldom it becomes ysterektomi'. The cancer of neck of uterus that is expanded outside by the uterus and the neck is often very aggressive and it is not faced easily. This underlines the importance and the effectiveness of prevention.
30. Age from 30-40 presents two main dangers of cancer - a continuous danger for cancer of neck of uterus and a danger for lymphoma, a common malignant illness from the age 30-50.
The lymphoma is presented formally with the form of djogkwme'nwn lymph glands, without no pain. Symptoms are the lassitude, the loss of weight and tenths of fever. A lot of factors can make the lymph glands djogkwcoy'n and ana'mesa their, pollutions, irritations and inflamations. However, in all these cases the lymph glands are rather soft in the touch and in little time interval come back in their physiologic situation. In the lymphoma they remain djogkwme'noj and do not ache. Unfortunately, it cannot become diagnosis of this illness with examination of blood. Good it is, visits no one his doctor in case where the inflation of lymph glands lasts for above two weeks.
Exist two types of lymphoma: the illness of Ho'tzkjn and the lymphomas not Ho'tzkjn. However, the probabilities of treatment are good and in the two cases. As in most cancers, as long as more in time become the diagnosis of illness and her confrontation, so much more are the probabilities of survival. As means of treatment are used radiation and chemotherapy. However exist certain aggressive lymphomas, in which it is difficult becomes diagnosis.
40. Even if the lymphoma constitutes danger at the duration of this period, this is the decade in order to begins the examination for cancer of breast. The women fear the cancer of breast more from each other cancer (still more a lot and from the cardiopathies, the yp' number a "murderer of " women. In the USA from the expected 647.000 new cases of cancer that will be diagnosed in women this year, the 203.000 they concern cancer of breast.
The cancer of breast usually is presented as a hard volume, without pain, in the breast. The most common locality is in the on exterior quadrant of breast. The volume in the breast is doubled almost each three months. If it is realised some suspect volume, usually becomes mammography and later biopsy. If the result shows cancer, it needs chirurgical intervention. Depending on the stage and the place of cancer, the women are submitted or in mastectomy or in radiation. With the chirurgical intervention are removed the lymph glands under mpra'tso in order to is checked by any chance spread of illness. The forecast becomes front expands the cancer.
The mammographies are recommended by the American Anticancer Company for all the women in the age of 40 years. The women with his powerful familial background of cancer breast, will be supposed to begin the examination in smaller age. The mammographies it has been proved that they decrease the mortality from cancer of breast afterwards the age of 50 years. In this age, the breast is tighter and the mammography can locate very small volumes. The elements for women from 40-50 years, are very sygkehyme'na. At the duration of this decade the breast is tighter and the mammography is complicated more it detects small volumes. Study showed that reduction of mortality with mammography in this age does not exist. The women in this age will be supposed to make mammography each two years, aytoexe'tasi of each month and professional examination each year. It is interest we observe that minimal are those that know that roughly 1% of his cancers breast is observed in men. This illness is formally very aggressive in the men and it causes bigger rates of mortality from as long as in the women.
50. In this age is observed the bigger danger for the three more usual cancers in the women. The women will be supposed to make mammography each year at the duration of this all decade. Moreover, the cancers in the ko'lon and in lung become more frequent in this age.
Above the 95% of all cancers of lung they are presented in nyn or in former smokers. Unfortunately, the cancer of lung does not present symptoms only that when they are very slow. This happens because in the pneymonjkoy's webs do not exist receptors of pain. Only when the volume grows and reaches in the bronchuses, then are influenced the nervous fibres and the individual present symptoms. The most usual symptoms are loss of weight, lassitude and cough with blood. The cancer of lung can fast expand in the bones, in the lymph glands, in the liver and in the brain. The diagnosis becomes usually with a simple radiograph of thorax.
If the illness is limited, it can become abstraction of chirurgically lobe of lung. Otherwise, are used radiation and chemotherapy. The forecast is difficult because they do not exist obvious symptoms. The rates of five-year survival are only 15%. Even if does not exist examination for the cancer of lung, becomes researches on a appliance that might detect in time volumes in the lung. However, the better prevention can be achieved only with smoke no one.
They exist above 105,000 new cases of cancer in ko'lon in the USA each year. In the 20 individuals it presents this illness at the duration of his life. A diet rich in greases and red meat and low in plant fibres is related with bigger danger. Moreover, each familial background of cancer in the ko'lon, increases danger of appearance of this illness.
The cancer of this press is created from poly'poda in a ko'lon, good of volume in form of mushroom that is developed in the intestine. Even if exist a lot of types poly'poda, this cancer is created by one only type poly'poda, that is named lahnw'des adenoma. No other poly'podas is not cancer-causing. The examination, at the age of 40 years for individuals of high danger, includes the use flexible sjgmoejdosko'pjoy that it examines ko'lon. This should become each five years for the localisation of shaping poly'poda. A other test is the annual examination for the localisation of blood in the excrements. However, the test this presupposes all the cancers in ko'lon ajmorragoy'n, thing that unfortunately does not correspond actually.
The symptoms of this cancer can be from nully as bleeding of intestine, obstruction and loss of weight. This cancer expands usually in the lymph glands and in the liver. The treatment becomes with chirurgical intervention for the abstraction of primary cancer and volumes in the lymph glands. Is used also the chemotherapy for the confrontation of illness that still has not expanded a lot. This cancer, if it is diagnosed in time, is curable in the 95% of cases, while in his last stages it is faced very with difficulty (least from 5% they survive in the five years).
60. The seventh decade of life continues presenting important danger of appearance of cancer in ko'lon, in the breast and in the lung and it will be supposed become regular controls for their diagnosis. But at the same time with this three main types of cancer, the cancer of ovaries presents important danger in this decade.
The cancer of ovaries is the fifth more common cause of stop living in the women. The probability of treatment is important if the diagnosis becomes in time. The cancers that are located and faced front they are expanded outside by the ovaries present a rate of survival at 75% in the five years. Unfortunately, only the 25% of cancers of this type are detected early, because the illness does not present symptoms until it is expanded in other bodies, But this symptoms they can be also owed in other reasons and no from cancer of ovaries. When exists suspicion for this illness, becomes examination with ultrasounds. However, the diagnosis can become rightly only with biopsy.
One and the convenient diagnosis and the treatment increases the rates of survival of this cancer, would be a ideal illness for examination. Unfortunately, until today, it has not been found no effective test. Does not exist known cause for the cancer of ovaries. Have been located certain factors of danger, ana'mesa in which the big age, the long-lasting use of medicament s for the fertility without pregnancy, familial background of cancer of ovaries and increased number of monthly circles (precocious menstruation, delayed menopause). Factors that can decrease the danger for the good of this cancer include the pregnancy, cilasmo', ysterektomi' and herbs for the control of births.
Even if he is not very usual, the American Anticancer Company appreciates that 39.000 women will be offended by cancer of wall of uterus (intra-uterine cancer) in in the year. Factors of danger for the good of this cancer are the obesity, or not fertilities, the diabetes, the menstruation before the age of 12 years, the menopause afterwards the 52, the treatment with tamoxifen ( medicament for the cancer of breast), certain goods of supplements of estrogens (particular estrogens without progesterone). The main symptoms of cancer of wall of uterus are anexi'gites, erratic vaginal bleedings that do not stop. The diagnosis is easy and becomes with intra-uterine biopsy. The treatment becomes or with radiation, or with ysterektomi'. The forecast is good, is enough the cancer it has not been expanded outside by the uterus.
70. Kacw's the women reach this age, the danger of appearance of cancer reaches in his climax. The cancers in the breast, in the ko'lon and in lung continue being important dangers. The doctor will be supposed to examine this women in annual base.
Even if it exists types enough danger for cancer in order to worries no one, exist certain relatively infrequent cancers that become more usual this decade. In this team are included cancers of urinary bladder, neck, oesophagus, kidneys and pancreas. Most of this dangers could decrease themselves if somebody it does not smoke.
The leukaemia is the cancer of white corpuscles of blood and is usually presented in the last decades of life. The white corpuscles usually fight the infections. Exist two types of leukaemia, acute and hro'nja. And in the two types exists a increase of immature white corpuscles. Even if exists big number of white corpuscles, this immature cells have limited faculty in the confrontation of infections. In the acute leukaemia, all the white corpuscles are immature and not functional and thus are increased the danger of infections. The leukaemia is hro'nja characterized by mature and immature white corpuscles. The mature white corpuscles decrease the danger of appearance of infections and thus the individual with chronic leukaemia can live a lot of years.
The examination for this illness can be realised with complete examination of blood, that becomes usually each year. The symptoms can be abdominal pains from a djogkwme'no spleen, lassitude, inflation of lymph glands and loss of weight. The diagnosis becomes with biopsy from the marrow of bones. The treatment becomes with chemotherapy, followed from transplantation of marrow of bones.
The cancer of gulf is presented when the woman covers the decade from 70-80. Is infrequent illness, with only 2.000 incidents each year and the stop livings that it causes they are minimal.
Your own danger
Even if will exist important improvements in the diagnosis and in the treatment of most from this horrible illnesses, the cancer will continue constituting a plague and the twentieth first century. The individual choices play very important role. A healthy way of life decreases or eliminates the danger for almost each form of cancer. The preventive examinations can anticipate the cancer in his initial stages, where in big percentage he is curable.
The danger for cancer is different for each decade of life. It is very important occupies each one us how the danger changes with the time, will be supposed take into consideration his the familial background, the personal habits and the dangers that can involve his profession. The American Anticancer Company recommends preventive controls for the individuals that present usual rates of danger. The advice of expert is very important for the confrontation of this dangerous illness.
The Dr. Scott E. Woods is director of epidemiology in the Sjnsjna'tj of Ohio.
Prevention and examinations for the most usual cancers in the women
Type of cancer Dangerous age Examination Prevention
Lung above the 50 radiograph no smoking, perhaps
vitamin E
Breast above the 40 mammography no alkoo'l, no
Ko'lon above the 45 examination of excrements diet with
sjgmoejdosko'pisi abundant fibres
few greasy
Neck of uterus above the 15 test Pap monogamy
Leukaemia above 50 complete examination of blood reject
Neck above the 50 no one no smoking
Ovaries above the 40 no one no medicament s for fertility
Lymphoma age 35- 50 regular examination of lymph glands and spleen
no one
Skin above 30 annual examination kreatoeljw'n reject
the yperjwdw'n beams
Pancreas age 50-70 no one no smoking
Urinary bladder above the 50 no one no obesity, diabetes
Gulf above 70 no no one
Statistics on various types of cancer
Cancer in the lung <>
• The most common cause of stop living.
• The smoking causes above the 90% of stop livings in the men and above the 80% in the women.
• The cancer of lung is 20 times more frequent in those that smoke a parcel cigarettes the day despite in not smoked.
• The danger for a not smoker that lives with smoker increases at 30%.
Cancer in the breast <>
• The most common cancer (with the exception of the cancer of skin) <>
• Hard volumes in the breast, without pain, that each three months is doubled in size.
Cancer in ko'lon <>
• It is developed from poly'podes in ko'lon.
• Big rates of treatment if becomes convenient diagnosis.
• The sjgmoejdosko'pisi is one good test.
Cancer in the ovaries <>
• Seldom becomes convenient diagnosis.
• Does not exist sure examination.
• Minimal known factors of danger.
Lymphoma <>
• Usual cancer in the decades 30-40.
• It is presented with djogkwme'noys lymph glands, without pain.
• Big rates of treatment.
Cancer in the skin <>
• Three places: basic cell, cell with le'pja and melanoma.
• Only the melanoma threatens the life.
• The danger is the report in the yperjw'dejs radiation.
Neck of uterus <>
• We formally present in the new, romance ually active women.
• It is related with the transmission of human papillomavirus.
• The treatment is local and effective and is limited in the neck.
Cancer in the neck <>
• It is limited only in their former and nyn smokers.
• Small rates of treatment.
• It is transmitted fast also in other bodies.
Leukaemia <>
• Cancer of white corpuscles.
• Two types: acute and hro'nja.
• The treatment is chemotherapy and transplantation of marrow of bones.
Cancer in the pancreas <>
• Usually it is presented as j'kteros without pains.
• Already we have expanded when becomes the diagnosis.
• Poor forecast.

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