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The dysfunction of central nervous system that is owed in disturbance of cerebral vessels or ajma'twsis of brain is fixed as “aggejako' cerebral epejso'djo”.
The aggejaka' cerebral episodes are very frequent problem of health, since they constitute the third in frequency cause of stop living in the developed countries, afterwards the cardiac deseases and the malignant neoplasms and one from the more frequent reasons of infirmity with important medical and economic repercussions, since the 60% of patients present important degree infirmity afterwards the byway of one year from the episode.
Specifically for Greece the problem is bigger, since, as it results from the elements of World Organisation of Health the mortality is of course bigger than the mean of countries of western world.
This data render imperative the need of convenient diagnosis and confrontation, but also more effective prevention.
The aggejaka' cerebral episodes, depending on their mechanism of coming are distinguished in jshajmjka' (interruption or reduction of benefit of blood to the cerebral parenchyma) and haemorrhagic that is much more infrequent and they are owed in rupture of wall of vessel with result the exaggej'wsi of blood.

The primary prevention is addressed in the substance in the total of population. The factors of danger are distinguished in two categories: not amendable and amendable. Not amendable factors of danger are the romance , the age, the heredity and the race. I will be reported in the amendable factors where there we will intervene, as:

The confrontation of arterial pressure constitutes powerful metre of prevention. It has been calculated that the regulation of arterial pressure, so systoljki' she remains smallest 16mmHg and djastoljki' smaller 90mmHg, it can decrease the frequency of aggejakw'n cerebral episodes at percentage 40% at least. The prices of arterial pressure are decreased with right diet and physical exercise.

It constitutes one from the most important factors of danger. The individuals that smoke 10 (ten) cigarettes daily run through double danger than the equivalent of not smokers, while for the individuals that smoke above 40 (forty) cigarettes daily the danger is quadruple.

In the cases of chronic abuse exists danger.

The healthy diet can decrease considerably the danger of aggejakoy' cerebral episode. Studies prove a low frequency of aggejakw'n cerebral episodes in persons that exercise daily. ¢ncrwpoj that consume fruits and vegetables they have low indicator of danger. Diet with fishes two times the week decreases considerably the danger.
Certain other study (1995) proves that the a-ljnolejko' acid which we find in the walnuts and in the seeds of soya and in certain vo'tana it decreases the danger helping in the prevention of shaping of acirwmatjkw'n plates. Foods as the green apple and the tea with high content in flavonoejdi' are also protective.
Vitamin C also is protective that is contained in fruits and vegetables. The cluster of vitamins B (V6, V12) and particularly the foljko' acid they are protective. The result of lack of cluster of vitamins B is the increase of levels omokystej'nis amjnoxe'ws that is incriminated for the increase of danger of carotid artery.

The danger of aggejakoy' cerebral episode increases on presence of various cardiac illnesses (vaginal marmarygi', cardiac insufficiency, infarction myokardj'oy, valvjdopa'cejes etc).

The probability of appearance of aggejakoy' cerebral episode in individual that suffers from S.D. is double than corresponding the general population.

The increased levels of cholesterol in the blood constitute factor of danger. Proportional relation exists also for lipoprotein LDL, contrary to the HDL.

Other factors of danger is: illnesses of vessels, illnesses of blood, the reception of contraceptives, disturbances of coagulability. The STRES and the DEPRESSION have been incriminated as well as the obesity that tends it receives epjdimjke's dimensions.
The lack of physical exercise, the migraine, the use of toxic substances and the intense bodily and mental katapo'nisi increase the danger of appearance of aggejakoy' cerebral episode.
The parapa'nw elements render obvious that the efforts for prevention should be long-term. For certain from the factors of danger, as the obesity it will be supposed it begins from the children's age, while for all as the arterial hypertension, should lasts ef' of term of life.
All will be supposed to comprehend the importance of prevention and to take her metres of promotion, but also measures of demoralisation of ancygjejnw'n ways of life (smoking, abuse of alcohol).

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