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Never it is not late in order to you stop smoking
You will feel the profits immediately, kacw's your body “veltjw'netaj”. Depending on the number of cigarettes that you smoke, the formal profits that you will have when you stop the smoking, they are:
After two hours the nicotine leaves from your system.
In roughly two days have left all the by-products of nicotine.
After twelve hours the monoxide of coal has left from your lungs, that work now more effectively.
After two days are improved the flavour and your olfaction.
In one month the pressure of blood to you returns in physiologic levels and is improved the operations of tay lung.
In three months the flow of blood in the hands and in your legs is improved.
After twelve months the probabilities you leave from life from cardiac desease are half concerning smoker.
The halt of smoking decreases the probabilities of illnesses of lung, as the hro'nja bronchitis and the emphysema.
After ten years the danger of cancer of lung is less from half concerning that continues smoking and continue it is decreased (with the condition that the illness already has not been presented).
After fifteen years the danger of cardiac offence is almost the himself with somebody that it has not smoked never in his life.
The halt of smoking has a lot of and direct profits for the health of men and women of each age. And this profits concern so much those that present problems exajtj'as the smoking, what those that do not have problem.
For this, it deserves you make a effort.
Stop the smoking and rescue a parcel
If you stop the habit to smoke, you will rescue a parcel (and you will also have profit in your health). A parcel cigarettes costs today roughly 2,5 Euros.
Kacw's your body is improved in one year, not only you will see improvement in your health, but him you will also see in your banking account.
If you stop the smoking tonight the midnight, at the 2 morning your body already will have begun the process of improvement and will not exist anymore nicotine in your blood.
The other day the morning the pressure of your blood and the vibrations of your heart will have returned in their physiologic levels and the monoxide of coal will have been removed by your body. At the same time, it will have begun to be improved the operation of your lungs.
In two days you will begin to feel renewed, the flavour and your olfaction they will have come back. You will have also it rescues 5 Euros… and thus, at the same time with your olfaction, you might buy flowers for you or for some other - or you take a book.
In one week the accumulated fle'gmata in your lungs malakw'soyn and in the next weeks you will stop vi'hete. Your organism will place in operation the mechanism of cleaning and in three weeks your lungs will work better. Already you will have gained 17,5 Euros, that you can him enjoy in a taverna'kj, now that your flavour has been improved.
In one month you will have more Venice domination because the flow of blood in your members is improved. And with the 75 Euros that you will have in the end, you could buy the some clothes or enjoy a dinner for two individuals in certain good restora'n.
In two months your lungs will function once again physiologically. You will have economised also 150 Euros, enough money in order to you buy a small television for your bedroom or a video in order to you enjoy the films that you prefer.
When you stop the smoking for 6 months you will have economised 450 Euros, a sum enough in order to you pass a splendid Savvtoky'rjako with () your companion or you buy one new solid. After 9 months, you will have removed the money for your interruptions.
one year af' o'toy you have stopped the smoking the danger to leave from life from cardiac offence it has decreased in half roughly concerning that it continues smoking. You will have economised 900 Euros and you might buy a new computer.
It possible is you don't cut the smoking?

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