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One important ency'mjo
The main subject that it should always we remembered they are that the effective communication it is a important key for a good marriage.
Unfortunately, often the communication is considered important only when exist problems. The communication functions better when it is a continuous characteristic of marriage.
Remember that the communication is process of double direction. If the one speaks continuously and the other does not hear or it cannot take the reason in order to it then expresses his opinion, they do not communicate.
Make in the life is that for a companion perhaps it is not easy to speak. This can be owed sometimes in the upbringing, in the influences from the house, lack of self-confidence or absence of wish in order to it speaks. If you find itself in a such situation, you make patience. Do not try to press your companion to speak. Antj' gj’ this you encourage also ‘’ojkodomi'ste’’ the self-confidence of your companion. Work for small profits and are profited by them.
The communication failure leaves behind disappointed and solitary spouses. You do not know what thinks and what feels your companion. Despair and you try epjkojnwni'sete with the sports , but this usually it deteriorates the things and the communications they complicate. The key, here, is the distribution. A wedded pair should be possible to be shared the opinions of gj’ what considers that they are considerably also it should him they seek in the life. It should they can ‘’mojra'zontaj’’ the ways with which these will be realised also their by year's of achievement. It should they can be shared the enjoyment and encourage and they support the one the other, and as team to head to the same direction and no against the other. Effective distribution of is critical importance.
The exercise below has aim you to help you are shared the subjects that are critical and you achieve reciprocal satisfaction in your marriage.

1. As seats each one alone him and it chooses from the following list 3 subjects that you would want to be shared with your companion.
Something that I like in my taj'rj.
Something that I believe that we accomplished together.
Something that really I would want we accomplish together.
Something that I would want to do for my companion.
Something that I would want does my companion for me'na.
2. You think what you would want to discuss and to be shared in each one of the subjects and you write certain notes in order to you they help.
3. Now you seat together and you decide who will be shared first.
4. That therefore says in his companion for one from the three subjects of list. The companion should hear and intend she corresponds with encouraging way. Remember, aim here is not is untied the problem or to discuss some point, but simply to be shared something that we feel as important.
5. Now you change places and you leave your companion with his line to be shared a subject.
6. You continue changing line until you are shared also the three subjects each one.

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