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Anticipate front you suffer
Is truth that most persons we are not careful our health, as long as him we have. When him we lose then we understand what we lost, then we strike our head and we say: what we made. And when him we lose they come innumerable bad and problems that bears not only the sick, but also all around him.
Front therefore we reach in a such situation, our own paci'mata other or and our sign “prola'vete front pa'cete”, as us they puzzle also with more Sofia and prudence to make that passes ap’ our hand in order to we do not suffer.
As we forget, “De varje'saj”, or “Mja life him we have, as we eat, as pjoy'me, as we make what us are'sej”. As we stop being incurious as for this subject. We have big responsibility so much for, what for our family.
It should we know that, the illness does not come alone her. It comes, when we force the healthy beginnings and the laws of health. It comes from the modern bad way of life. And in our season this is the most usual phenomenon. Gj’ this certain diseases have taken the form of epidemic.
A example. I read in the magazine of Greek Institution of Cardiology that, according to recent elements of European Union, the frequency of coronary illness the last 20 years was decreased considerably in all the states of Europe apart from Greece where it was increased at 30% and in Spain where it was increased at 16%.
And it is not only the coronary illness which us gives such picture. The same roughly picture we see also in a lot of other diseases as, obesity, cholesterol, hypertension, cerebral episodes, cancer etc, that is considered the plagues of our season. All them what to us they say? That we do not go well and needed change of way of life.
Therefore, you anticipate front you suffer.
That? Change way of life. Begin a new way of life, applying the healthy beginnings. Seek what promotes the health and you avoid what him downgrades also him destroys.
Anatre'xete in our previous copies where we have published enough articles and a lot of information and directives on s’ this subject.
Remember that it is better we prevent a illness than to him we cure. Yes, the prevention saves!
The magazine Better Life, with the help of special scientists, you helps effectively in the prevention and in the healthy way of life. You it helps with simple means and simple way to live better.
To really you it changes the life. Also to you it presents last scientific you will discover and you will reveal that sometimes us soka'royn. However they are genuine and it will be supposed him we are careful.

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