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Osteoporosis and Protein
Osteoporosis – a situation that is reported in the loss of ostjki's density or mass – has become daily conversation (discussion) in America. Ana'mesa in the epj'foves complications of this process of ostej!ki's le'ptynsis are the kata'gmata gofw'n. The kata'gmata of vertebral column and fruit of hands also are usually related with the osteoporosis. In the three women on ap’ the 50 years worldwide it has osteoporosis. Paro'loy that the illness strikes the white women, most afterwards the menopause, influences all the races and two seces.
70% of ap’ all the kata'gmata that happen in American a'nw the 45 have been related with the osteoporosis. Moreover the statistics show that on ap’ the half afterwards-afterwards-emminopaysjake's women will suffer a ka'tagma exajtj'as the osteoporosis some moment in their life.
Roughly 13 millions kata'gmata that are related with the osteoporosis happen in America each year. The annual medical expenses for the kata'gmata from osteoporosis ana'mesa in the persons s of age 65 and more it amounted in the 13,8 billions dolla'rja 1995. These kata'gmata they can decrease considerably the quality of life, and they can also place the bases for premature stop living as result of complications as pneumonia. For example, in the time that it followed a ka'tagma, the danger of stop living increases 15% until 20%.
A developing body from inquiring proof shows that the excessive protein in the diet –jdjaj'tera the animal protein - he increases the danger of osteoporosis. Study after study shows that the consumption of meat can cause a loss asvestj'oy from the body. Research that became in the University of Wisconsin portrayed particularly well the calamitous results of excessive protein.

The high protein in the diet steals calcium ap’ the body
They daily ate 48 gr. of protein
They daily ate 95 gr. of protein
They daily ate 142 gr. of protein
Calcium mg

Relation ana'mesa in the import asvestj'oy and rythm of kata'gmatos gofoy'
Rycmo's kata'gmatos gofoy'
* (per 100.000 persons)
United States
New Zealand
United Kingdom
N. Africa
New Guinea

Import asvestj'oy (mg/day roughly)
In healthy young persons men were given carefully checked diets for almost 4 months. Kaco'li the duration of this time they consumed 1400mg asvestj'oy daily –mja quantity roughly as high as would recommend anyone today and considerably above American recommended daily quantity (S.I.P.) the 1000 mg daily for the women. At the duration of research of study, the researchers checked also the subject of “ejsagwge's protein in two levels, that is to say 48 gr per day and 141 gr per day. These two levels of protein are under also on ap’ the running in mean import in the USA, the 105 gr per day, according to last statistics ap’ the American Ministry of Agriculture. The quantity of increase or reduction asvestj'oy in each subject was calculated in the two levels.
The results showed that when the young men were in diet low in protein, they gained 10 mg asvestj'oy in the deposits of body their each day. In the diet high in protein, the same precisely men lost a mean 84 mg each day. The researchers concluded “I loss asvestj'oy the 84 mg daily, that happened when the diet that was given was high in protein, was essential and if it were continued after certain time period it would lead to a important loss of asvestj'oy body.
A following study was carried out by the Linkswiller and the collaborators the 1981. study was similar with the study that was more mentioned, with the exception of that was added a third level of import of protein 95 gr daily, that approached in that American mean of import moment (99 gr). They shared their subjects in 3 teams, each one with different level of import of protein. And the three teams consumed 1400 mg asvestj'oy daily in their diet, that is identical with the previous study. The researchers examined the increase or the reduction of asvestj'oy each team calculating the quantity asvestj'oy that was removed in oyrj'ni and in the excrements of each shareholder. The results of this study appear in picture 4.
Observe that the team that ate 148 gr protein each day substantially lost 70 mg asvestj'oy daily. From where did come this calcium? It emanated from the reserves in their bones. This is a obvious conclusion provided that 99% asvestj'oy in our bodies it is in our bones. The group of high import of protein lost calcium each day simply exajtj'as the high consumption of protein. The excessive protein "pulled " their calcium from ko'kkala', even if they received enough calcium in their diet.
The team that consumed the quantity of protein nearestly in the daily American mean, lost also calcium. His loss was less, kacw's he was expected, because they consumed less protein. The team that was found in the named diet low in protein was the alone team that had a clean increase asvestj'oy. The increase of;;mg each day will help are maintained the bones hondro'tera and dynatw'tera.
It is a thing you look at the information from a laboratory of diet, but it is still more fascinating you see the proofs from these same relations of persons that live regular lives each day.
International comparisons for the osteoporosis led to certain from the same conclusions. The honoured researcher, Dr R. M. Negkste'nt, showed that the osteoporosis is higher in the countries that consume higher quantities asvestj'oy. It looked at the mean of import asvestj'oy and the number katagma'twn gofw'n in 16 countries. The results ejkonj'zontaj in picture 5.
The countries are in list with ascendant order of import asvestj'oy. Be careful that generally, those that have the higher imports asvestj'oy have the tendency to have the higher rythms of osteoporosis. The 7 first countries that consume mean asvestj'oy under from the 900 mg daily, have least from 100 kata'gmata gofw'n per 100.000 persons. Seven from the nine other countries, from which all consume above 900 mg daily, they have 100 or more kata'gmata gofw'n per 100.000.
A marvellous case for observation provide the Eskimos her Alaska. With direct measurement of ostej!ki's density, two other academic researchers of Vjsko'nsjn, the Rj'tsarnt Masses and the Goyo'ren Ma'cer aneka'lyban that the Eskimos above from the 40 had 10% with 15% more ostej!ki' loss from that the white Americans in the same age-related scale. These losses were genuine and for two seces. With interest, when these researchers revised the medical bibliography literature of alimentary import of Eskimos, aneka'lyban that consumed a high level the 2500 mg asvestj'oy daily. From where they took so much calcium? Obviously they ate big quantities of fish, also included the bones. However, they daily had also a high import of protein, in scale 250 mg with 400 mg, likely exajtj'as the high consumption in fish, marine horse and whale. The writers led: "The most obvious factor in the higher rythm of ostej!ki's loss in the mesi'ljkes Eskimos is their diet with meat ".
These studies and other as and them show that the osteoporosis, contrary to the common opinion, does not have relation with the lack asvestj'oy in the diet. The bigger problem they appear to be the excessive losses asvestj'oy, as result of consumption of more protein. We do not wait for the American dairy-farm him it advertizes. Finally, they have worked hro'nja in order to us they convince that pj'noyme more milk and to eat more cheese and yoghurt us it will help we prevent the osteoporosis. The make of is following: if your diet is ybili'y in protein, you can eat all the calcium that the enterprise of dairy has she offers and is still likely you increase the danger to weaken ko'kkala' your and perhaps you later face a ka'tagma in the basin in your life. The excessive protein leads to a reduction of deposits asvestj'oy still and when the import asvestj'oy is free.
In the next copy: Because the meat in the diet causes ostej!ki' loss.

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