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The Mpomp Nto'oyl, the Tzo To'rre and the mayor of New York Roy'ntolf Tzoylja'nj became prwtose'ljda when macey'tike that they had cancer of protector. The publicity made the problem most real, but most does not know still a lot of things for this illness and what they can make for her prevention.
Most men do not have warning marks. "I believe that the world does not give and very big importance in the protector", says the Dr. Tze'jms M. Kozlo'fskj, head oyrolo'gos-oncologist in the Medical School of University Norgoye'stern, in the Chicago.
"However, this is error", continues. "We know that the cancer of protector is cause for a lot of stop livings between the men's of population… is a common illness, but with calamitous consequences. When it is diagnosed in relatively new men that have a lot of years still front them, the probabilities they leave from life from this illness they are decreased considerably ".
The protector is a male gland in the size of chestnut under the bladder, that his excretions help in the shaping of herb atjkoy' liquid Surround the above part of urethra. The American Anticancer Company appreciates that 198.000 new cases of cancer of protector will be diagnosed and that 31.500 Americans will leave from life from this cancer in one year. This means, a diagnosis an each three thinly and stop living from cancer of protector each 13 thinly. The incidents of cancer of protector are more in blacks and this can be owed in the higher levels of male hormone of testosterone.
Make regular controls
The special examination for the protector that is said PSE, from then that began to be applied,
the percentages cano'ntwn from cancer of protector were decreased at 16 tojs hundred (had been observed a increase of cancers of protector).
"Can no one live a physiologic life with the illness, but can present also complications that they could be avoided if had become in time a treatment", says the Dr. Kozlo'fskj. It agrees with the policy of American Oyrologjki's of Company and American Anticancer Etgajrj'as that so much the examination of blood PSA what daktylosko'pisi (DRE) it will be supposed they become each year in men of age of 50 years and in newer men that belong in teams of high danger.
Your general practitioner can you make these test and perhaps you it recommends oyrolo'go. If you have familial background or believe that it can you belong in team of high danger, it is better to see oyrolo'go for test. It is better you do not make e'rj'ota 48 hours before, because are increased the levels of RÄ. One and a examination of anus can also increase this levels, you first make the examination of blood for the PSA. It is better also you do not make bicycle before this examination
Many oyrolo'goj make now a "profile RSA". They so much use the traditional test RSA and the percentage RSA, that measures the rate of free RSA in the blood. And calculate his total percentage in the blood
Speak with your doctor for your medical background, reporting his and all medicament s that by any chance you take. The Dr. Kozlo'fskj says that even the smallest detail can appear useful.
Certain doctors worry also for the "source of youth", supplements of hormones DIEA (debydroepiandrosterone and androstenedione) and the probability increase the danger for cancer of protector, aneva'zontas the levels of testosterone. The Dr. Kozlo'fskj consults the patients to speak with their doctor for by any chance supplements or vo'tana that they take, than to they go in them later, when they present complications that they could be avoided.
The men do not deal so much as long as the women for tsek ap in their health. The eighty five tojs hundred women above the 40 make mammography for cancer of breast, while only the 30 tojs hundred men above the 50 make the test RSA. The cancer of protector affects the same number of men and it causes the same number of stop livings as long as the cancer of breast in the women.
The Dr. Kozlo'fskj says that the women will be supposed to encourage their men to be examined for cancer of protector - particularly an they have very big interval they visit doctor.
" I believe that it should we convince also other members of family, perhaps and in nearo'teri age, to make this examination, particularly if exist relatives first or second degree in the family that they had this illness ", he says.
Keep files
Ask your results test from oyrolo'go. Write the numbers dj'pla in the date test (or you take a copy test). in your doctor questions and you continue test if you observe increase of level PSA in some moment or if you it occupies the subject. No one does not care more about your health apart from you and those that you love.
You record if exist changes in your urine, depending on your diet. Keep a file with the examinations and the development.
It can be anticipated the cancer of protector,
According to the American Anticancer Company, the existing scientific clues show that roughly one of annual stop livings from cancer in the United States they are caused by factors of diet. The smoking causes a other third. Even if a factor is also the genetics, the heredity does not explain all the incidents of cancers. Thus, for most Americans that do not smoke, "the diet and the natural activity they are the most decisive factors for the prevention of cancer ", it reports the American Anticancer Company.
The Lyn Nta'nfornt. special nutritionist that collaborates with a oyrolo'go in Hospital Va'js Memo'rjal in the Chicago, believes that a diet with few greasy, based on the vegetables, can help the sicks and slow down the growth of also other of karkjnjkw'n cells. It adds that the happiness and the sociability help the health.
The experts appreciate that the 75 tojs hundred stop livings from cancer of protector - and the 30 tojs hundred stop livings from the other cancers - they could be avoided with changes in the diet. In order to it is decreased
the danger of all forms of cancer, the experts recommend diet with minimal greasy, with abundant fruits and vegetables, natural activity and no smokings.
Even if most men do not express cancer of protector before the age of 60 years, one lanca'noyn cancer of this form he can make 20-30 years in order to it is developed. According to the Dr. Tze'jms M. Kozlo'fskj, head of oyrologjki's-ogkologjki's Medical School of university No'rgoye'stern, in the Chicago, "the changes in the diet and in the way of life can play important role and decrease the danger develops the illness in malignant, for this and it will be supposed they become early in the life of man (ana'mesa in the 20 and in the 30 years) ". It still believes that a person with cancer of protector should be careful particularly his diet, one and studies that became in animals showed that certain foods can slow down the growth of cancer.
The men (with few help from their women) can protect their health filling their refrigerator and their cupboards, with fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods.
Spouses in role of advocate
When the spouse of ¢llan, Soy'zan, learned that her man had cancer of protector the previous year, became "advocate of " his health, attending not only it learns those who more could for this illness, but also take decisions on his diet. It assembled information on alimentary habits that they helped in the protector.
" The spouses play important role in the deceleration of appearance of cancer of protector, when they help their men in the healthy diet ", she says the Lyn Nta'nfornt, nutritionist that collaborates with the Tze'ralnt Tso'ntak, oyrolo'go in the Hospital Memo'rjal Va'js in the Chicago. This two experts consult the men that have cancer of protector or those that belong in team of high danger because they have gone up PSA.
H Nta'nfornt recommends in the customers at least 6 portions fruits and vegetables the day. It recommends also the consumption monoako'restwn greasy, as olive oil for the preparation of foods.

Learn the steps that it should you make now in order to you can avoid a very dangerous illness.

The can food that vulnerable you protect from the cancer of protector? Most experts believe that she can. The pair can decrease the danger with changes in the diet and in his way of life

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