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Health With Foljko' Acid
It plays important role in the prevention of problematic births,
in the cardiopathies and in the cardiac offences.
Take enough foljko' acid?
The foljko' acid ej'nan a ydrodjalyti vitamin B and is useful as term of all forms of this vitamin. It is found in the fresh vegetables, the fruits, the dry fruits and the legumes. The foljko' acid can be produced also synthetically and this form him we find in strengthened cerial and dietetic supplements. The Organism of Public Health of United States recommended in 1992 in all egky'oys the country they consume 400 micrograms of foljkoy' acid in order to they decrease the danger of problematic pregnancy. According to the experts, each year, 2.500 babies are given birth with problem in the nervous pipe, while a lot of other pregnancies face various problems.
Who are the problems of nervous pipe?
The malformations of nervous pipe are problems that can cause infirmity or be also mojraj'es. The problem presents in the foetus the moment of arrest, often front the woman realises that she is e'gkyos. The foljko' acid anticipates two main types of problem of nervous pipe.
• Bifurcate ridge. It is a illness that prevents the vertebral column of baby to be developed rightly. Part of backbone is not developed and is deformed. The babies that are given birth with bifurcate ridge can they have muscular weakness, palsy, loss of sense of legs and likely loss of control of urinary bladder. With suitable medical care most babies that are given birth with this problem can survive as the persons ness, but they will need crutches and other mechanic support in order to they can walk. Roughly the 30% of this babies present also lightly as very serious intellectual delay.
• Anegkefalj'a. It is a illness that prevents the physiologic growth of brain. A baby that is given birth with anegkefalj'a has very very little developed brain and skull and usually he dies at the birth or little afterwards. The researches showed that the reception of recommended quantity of foljkoy' acid can decrease the danger is given birth a baby with this problem at 70%.
Foods with foljko' acid are:
Beads (beans)
Help also in other problems of health the foljko' acid?
Studies showed that the foljko' acid can you help you decrease level omokystej!nis in the blood. When the protein is split in your body, a natural amino-acid that is named omokystej'!ni it is released in the blood and it has been realised that this amino-acid increases the danger of cardiopathies and diseases of ajmofo'rwn vessels. Even if this studies are preliminary, they show the important role that plays for the health foljko' acid.
Who it is the recommended daily dose of foljkoy' acid?
In April 1998 the National Academy of Sciences announced new recommended daily doses of foljkoy' acid, doubling him recommended quantity for all ages, men and women.
Team Recommended daily dose (micrograms)
14 years and above 400
9-13 hronw'n 300
4-8 hronw'n 200
1-3 hronw'n 150
pregnancy 600
cilasmo's 500
You are one from the millions of persons that stay up from pains the night? Exists hope for se'na, where if you stay also up.
No anymore nights with pain
The Dr. Nte'njs Mplam
Millions persons, in each corner of planet cannot sleep the nights because they feel pains in the legs from diabetic neuropathy. The diabetic neuropathy is in increase, because the diabetes they are in increase (the diabetics will be doubled until 2010). It is calculated that exist roughly 15 millions diabetics in United States and 60% from them have a certain form of nervous damage, with 30-40% with neuropathy, according to the National Institution of Diabetes and Nephropathies of United States.
The diabetic neuropathy is a nervous abnormality that is caused by the diabetes. The symptoms include a number of senses, from numbness, tickle, stings as from needles and acute pains in the contacts, as well as kra'mpes and excessive sensitivity even in the lightest a'ggjgma. This is the pain that keeps xa'grypnoys as a lot of persons the night. When it usually begins, it recedes. And kacw's the pain becomes continuously more serious, so much difficult becomes also perpa'tima. The leg becomes often wider and pole. And begin to present itself wounds one and the pressure fall now in departments of leg that are more protected. This wounds lead to other problems that can to you keep xy'pnjoys the night.
The hyperglycemia (high percentages sakha'roy in the blood) is related with damage in the nervous web, preventing the faculty neuron to transmit messages. It is related also with damage in the ajmofo'ra vessels that transport oxygen and food in the himself these nerves, complicating still more the damage that has become already. The researchers believe that the high levels of glucose in the blood destroy the nerves with this two ways. A third process is that the high levels sakha'roy in the blood increase the lack of balance ana'mesa in the free roots and in antioxydant, and thus are destroyed the ajmofo'ra vessels and the nervously cells.
Ulcers that can lead to amputations are owed in three factors: (1) lack of sense in the leg that allows in the wounds to pass aparati'rites until is presented gangrene, (2) high levels sakha'roy in the blood that decreases the immunogenic correspondence, preventing the natural protection from simple pollutions and (3) bad circulation of blood in the legs exajtj'as the artirjoskli'rwsis.
The nervous damage that is owed in the diabetes is not limited in the nerves of legs. The high percentages sakha'roy in the blood influence all the nerves of body - certain from which are more important than other. The damage in the nerves can influence the heart and other bodies, as the urinary bladder and the romance ual bodies, that lead to disability so much men what women.
New pharmaceutical researches for the diabetic neuropathy are carried out in all the world. Most are focused in the confrontation of pain. But the programs of confrontation of diabetes show also impressive results with alone the change of way of life. The patients of inquiring program not only felt less pains, but acquired also bigger mobility in their members.
The way of life should be such that it helps in the health and in the longevity, no him they destroy.
Those that do not have symptoms of neuropathy and that want him they anticipate, the answer is they continuously maintain, level sakha'roy in their blood in physiologic limits! Have researches proved that those that can maintain level sakha'roy in their blood in almost physiologic levels, do decrease at 60% nervous? damage that they can suffer. The experience has shown that a diet based in vegetables, regular exercise and reduction stres they can decrease considerably the pains and other symptoms that are related with the diabetic neuropathy.
Today exists something that can become in order to changes the "course of " diabetic neuropathy or even it is anticipated. Try to change your way of life and to follow a way of life that will decrease considerably the danger that you face. The same way of life can decrease very the danger of diabetes for our children, an other team that shows important increase in the number of cases of diabetes.
This new way of life is simply our change djajtologj'oy, that will be supposed it is directed in plant diet, low in polyako'resta and kekoresme'na greases and cholesterol. Begin a daily program of exercises, you maintain your bodily weight in physiologic levels and you learn to anticipate or to face stres. This way of life will decrease also the danger secondary complex that often is related with the diabetes - cardiopathies, nephropathies, hypertension, blindness and problems in circulatory. The way of life should be such that it helps the health and the longevity, no him it destroys.

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