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Those of are refre'n American popular song…
And when him I hear, I fill optimism and remember one day where I led in exohi', with the katapra'sjno grass, the beeches and a sky so much galano' that appearred as painting. This recollection is so much live where I feel reliving that moments. How many bright was that day? Which splendid sun… His light, travelling for 150 millions kilometres, reaches in retina our eye and us allows to see. We cannot see the individual molecules or photons, but feel their effect as warmth and we see their splendour as light. Seldom we thought the photons, but these they are the natural matter that falls in retina us. All are litted up then and SEE.
You thought never however which marvel he is what is repeated continuously? The Leona'rnto nta Vj'ntsj him thought and said: "Who him would believe that a so much small space could hwre'sej the pictures of Sy'mpantos? "How many beautifully him had placed? It appears almost incredible that our small eyes can indeed hwre'soyn the Sy'mpan. The sight of is indeed admirer sense. The Karolos Darvj'nos, writer of work the origin of types, had said: "We suppose that the eye, with all this the faculty to focus in various distances, to accept different quantities of light and to distinguish forms and colours, is not result of natural choice, it is the most absurd thing that it can think no one ". Very rightly. The eye and the sight are a marvel.
Make is that retina it is a so much complex body that the scientists even today try they discover how he accomplishes creates poly'hrwmes pictures each time where we open our eyes. Exist 10 layers from otherwise nervously cells that change the entering photons in coloured pictures. All these nerves are transparent and have the yfi' thin hartoma'ntjloy. The photoreceptors are constituted by spillikins and kwnj'a. The spillikins and the kwnj'a are found in pj'sw layers (tunics) and accordingly the light pass from the first layers front it reaches in the photoreceptors. Kwnj'a, that is constituted from three different hrwmatode'ktes, blue, red and green, is found more centrally and Is needed 2-5 thinly in order to they are adapted, when they are irritated by the light. The spillikins, that are for regional and low lighting sight, are assembled in regional retina and they need roughly 10-20 thinly in order to they are adapted in the dark. Retina however is one only part of eye. Exists the yalw'des body, that fills the big pj'sw department of eye. The lenses, that they help in the focus of light in retina and us make conceive near and distant. This is a faculty that we begin to lose in the age of the 40-50 years, when we begin to keep something more far in order to him we see better and the oculist to us it says that we needed glasses in order to we can read. Later it is the iris, that is expanded and syste'lletaj in order to it is adapted in the various levels of light. The ydatw'des liquid is the liquid that fills the forward department of eye, that nourishes the not aggejakoy's lenses and the corneous tunic, the transparent thin lenses front in the eye. The cornea is the web that accepts the beam laser in a intervention of this type in order to is corrected the myopy.
All these webs collaborate in order to us they give the caymasto', incredible gift of sight. The question is, what we can make in order to we protect our eyes from a premature damage. It reports something relative with the subject ayto'.i science? The answer is that the science it has many it says, but all they have relation with the common logic and the way of life that we follow. As we explore together what we can make in order to we maintain healthy our caymasta' eyes.
The mainer cause of blindness in the world is the shaping of waterfall and the chirurgical interventions for the correction of waterfall is persons in charge for the billions that are spent in various countries. Certain goods of waterfall exist types at the birth and other are genetic programmed they are presented earlier from as long as usually. The persons of big age (65-95) begin to present changes in the lenses of eye from cause of old age. This changes make the transparent web dazzle. Thus is prevented the sight. The person cannot change his genetic code, but most can check their way of life. Studies showed that the way of life has relation with the creation of waterfall, with the following way:

1. Steroids that are taken by mouth 5,8 (danger for waterfall concerning the mean)
2. Diabetes 4-6
3. Alkoo'l > 1 drink/day 2-4
4. Smoking > 1 parcel/day 3,17
5. Report in yperjw'di radiation 1,6-3,3
6. medicament s 2,48
7. Milk > 100 ml/day 2,5
8. Not white race 2,03
9. Familial background 1,50
10. Low education 1,46

Big rallies antioxydant karotjnoejdw'n in creature
1. - carotene 0,70
2. - carotene 0,50
3. Lutein 0,50
4. Lykopj'ni 0,40
5. Use polyvjtamjnw'n 0,63-0,73
6. Antioxydant: riboflavin, Vitamins, E, and cejamj'ni 0,20-0,40
7. Vitamin C alone 0,55

Above the price of danger 1.00, that represents the medium danger, we find ways of life that they add in the danger of growth of waterfall and under we find factors that decrease the danger. Even if most studies became in supplements of vitamins, certain became direct in the levels of creature of blood, that reflect alimentary habits. The consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables and cerials helps more from the reception of vitamins. Thus, it can conclude no one, observing him parapa'nw table, that a person that does not smoke, pj'nej alcoholic drinks and that maintain a way of life avoiding the obesity - that it is related with the diabetes - have smaller danger to present waterfall from a person that belongs in the other categories. And the way of life that we will choose, should be followed in daily base.
A other illness of eye that is related with the age, the degeneration of ochre of blot, is the mainer cause of blindness in persons above 65 years. It can be from geneti's and be presented in smaller ages, but more often it is presented in big ages, when the sight is anymore one from the minimal enjoyments that remain. It causes damage in central retina, that is named blot, and is observed loss of sight, that often makes suffering be possible to read anymore or, still villain, to be possible to recognize persons. Pari'goro she is that despite this problem, the patient tyflw'netaj perfectly, but maintains a "regional sight ", thing that means that it still can see walking, eating and getting dressed itself. The blot has yellow colouring, that is named zeaxancj'ni (more centrally) and lutein (more regionally). Yellow this colouring are created by the foods where katanalw'nopyme and studies showed increased thickness retina afterwards the consumption of karotjnoejdw'n these. Pjstey'etaj that yellow colouring protects retina from damage that can be caused from the light. They are powerful antioxydant. The factors of danger with regard to the way of life under, show how can somebody be protected from this illness with daily choices:

1. Egkefalaggejaki' illness 4,64 (danger of degeneration of blot concerning the mean)
2. Age 65-74 4,54
3. Smoked 2,8-5,4
4. Total cholesterol > 6,75 mmol/L 2,3
5. Age 55-65 2,13
6. Trjglykerj'dja > 2,03 mmol/L 1,7
7. Systoljki' pressure of blood > 155 1,7
8. Presvywpj'a>1 1,7
9. Level jnwdogo'noy>3,34g/L 1,7
10. Aggejakw'n paci'sewn 1,6
11. A 2 globulin > 8,2 1,6
12. Oljki' holisterj'ni 4,9-6,7 mml/L 1,5
13. Background of smoking 1,5
14. Indicator of mass of body > 30 Kg/m 1,5
15. Former smoker 1,5

1. Frequent natural activity 0,7
2. Education > 12 years 0,6
3. Older use of estrogens in women 0,6
4. Reception abundant karotjnoejdw'n 0,59
5. Broccoli 4-5 week 0,5
6. Lutein and Zeaxancj'ni 4-5 week 0,43
7. Level karotjnoejdw'n in the blood > 2,394 mmol/L 0,4
8. Use of estrogens in women 0,3
9. Spinach 4-5 week 0,14

Easily it can realise no one from the table of factors of danger that the smoking, the age, the increased bodily weight, the pressure of blood, the cholesterol trjglykerj'dja and the background of cardiac diseases constitute the same factors dangers so much for cardiopathies what for degeneration of blot of eye. Certain studies showed that the circulation of tunic under retina is decreased in cases of degeneration of blot. A way of life that combines mediocre reception of food for the maintenance of physiologic weight, exercise, reject of greasy wet nurses and frequent consumption of products with lutein and zeaxancj'ni, decreases the danger of appearance of degeneration of blot.
A other important cause, blindness is the glaucoma. The glaucoma is the loss of nervous fibres of retina that becomes without symptoms most times and can lead to the loss of regional sight and to the more serious cases of central. The last years was made important progress in the confrontation of glaucoma. A lot of new medicament s exist today in order to they help in the reduction of pressure of eye, that is the bigger factor of danger that we know until now. At the same time with chirurgical, exists also the treatment with beams laser. Recently were discovered new techniques for the localisation of problems before their event. The researchers believe that the circulation of blood in the optical nerve is also factor for the appearance of glaucoma and are developed today new techniques. However, it still needs a lot of study in this sector.
A other factor that is related with the glaucoma is the exercise. Studies showed that the exercise can decrease the pressure of eye at 4,6pjpj §1j. This is very important for those who they suffer from glaucoma. Naturally, the exercise should be constant, one and if him it stops no, the result will be xanagyrj'sej in the same levels the pressure of eye. The exercise helps even in the case where the patient takes medicament s for the glaucoma. Help also also in the more general health of individual, it could wonder no one, why does need the exercise after do exist the medicament s? The medicament s have all side effects. Even the most usual medicament for the pressure of eye has side effects, as reduction of cardiac vibrations, asthma in sensitive individuals. It can also go up the pressure and the levels of cholesterol in the blood. And this has as result is increased the danger of disease coronary at 21%. Thus, if can no one decrease the pressure of eye with the exercise, it is sure. However, what should not discourage those that take medicament s, ef' is found under the supervision and the care of their doctor.
A new discovery that was reported in Greece is that the eljkovaktirj'djo pylwroy' it can have relation with the glaucoma. The Dr. Ioannis Koyntoyra's reported discoveries that show increased percentages of patients with eljkovaktirj'djo pylwroy' that presented glaucoma. His later study shows that the treatment with antibiotics marked success at 83% in his patients and had as result reduction of pressure in 1,2mmHg. The precise mechanism is not known still, but pjstey'etaj that it has relation with the increased flow of ydatw'doys liquid from the eye.
A other interesting theory that has still not been proved, is the action of chemical substances that is named exjtoxj'nes. Studies in animals showed damage of neurons from this chemical elements, but should become studies and in persons. Exjtoxj'nes they are substances that their names are known… him know better as glutamic monona'trjo, a substance that gives perfume in the foods, and aspartame, a substitute of sugar for the gly'kansi of foods.

This chemical elements act as neyrometo'des and irritate the nervously cells, causing their stop living. A lot of persons that consume this chemical substances have symptoms as headaches and other side effects. Researches become continuously in order to are clarified this reactions, but until lead the scientists to sure conclusions, good are that suffer from glaucoma they avoid the foods that contain this substances.
A other disease of eye is the diabetic illness of retina. It has big importance the diabetics make each year ofcalmologjke's examinations and they follow the advices of oculist. The diabetic amfjvlistroejdopa'ceja can cause blindness in two years, if it is not faced. While the treatments with laser and with chirurgical are very effective, exists loss of regional sight with the modern means that we allocate. Did certain studies show that with intensive control of levels sakha'roy in the blood, the diabetic amfjvlistroejdopa'ceja can decrease itself at 76%. What does mean intensive control? In the studies, the sa'kharo in blood it remained between 70-120mg/dl (11 ana'mesa in the dinners and < 180mg/dl afterwards the dinners. This is achieved with continuous reception of insulin. If the levels of ajmosfajrj'nis A are maintained < 9%, the danger amfjvlistroejdopa'cejas is decreased.
The levels of greasy substances in the blood influence still more badly the diabetic amfjvlistroejdopa'ceja. Studies showed that the increased lipids in the blood double the danger to pass grease in retina, thing that can cause loss of sight. The levels of cholesterol > 240mg/dl can cause 50% more percentages loss of sight from his levels < 200mg/dl. Easily conceive no one that the control sakha'roy and the lipids plays important role in the sight. Can help your doctor, if you contribute also you in the reduction of factors of danger.
they could be written books entire on this subject. However, we believe that if you adopt this simple healthy habits, you might ensure your faculty to continue reading this articles. As we finish with a other observation that had made a very important person of past, Thomas E'ntjson, inventor of electric lamp: "The doctor of future will not give medicament s, but will leave his patients in the care of their body ". As him we do not disappoint… as we prove that it had right…


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