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Factor of danger 3: Way of life
Exist a lot of things that it can check somebody in the way of his life and that can contribute in the danger of cardiac offence. These belong in two teams: dietetic factors and other factors. As we take first the last team.
The lack of exercise is important factor of danger. The god drew the human body for a active way of life. The exercises that are more beneficial in the prevention of cardiopathies are those that we name "aerobic". The aerobic exercise is a exercise that us it makes repeat a movement, with a light weight, for a time period. Perpa'tima, the run and the koly'mpj are classic types of aerobic exercise. Half hour the day is the most minimum time. As long as lighter are the exercise, so much more time it is required in order to we achieve the essential profits and we anticipate thus the artirjoskli'rwsi.
The smoking is one from the bigger causes. A lot of experts believe that is the yp' number a cause. The artirjoskli'rwsi as cause of stop living was infrequent before the 20th century when they began to smoke more persons. The smoking causes also cancer in the lungs and in the bladder, emphysema, abnormalities at the birth and pro'wsi ageing and wrinkles in the skin - and this is one only part of big list of problems that can creates the smoking! But the bigger damage that causes the smoking is that it makes the arteries harden and thus be increased the danger of cardiopathies and cardiac offences, aneurism of aorta and circulatory problems in the legs.
The stres and stress is important cause of artirjoskli'rwsis. In the modern season, we follow ways of life that to us create stress and stres. Calm, therefore! And it will be supposed we learn to entrust more our Author and to press!
These are the mainer not dietetic factors of danger. Now as we think our diet.
The more important dietetic factors of danger are the animal greases and the cholesterol. Most of us will be supposed to limit the quantities of these in our diet. The cholesterol is found only in animal products: meat, fishes, poultry and dairy products (milk, eggs, cheese). The red meat is richer in cholesterol from the white meat or the fish. The skin and the offals (liver, kidneys and propa'ntwn the brain) are rich in cholesterol. When we eat meat, fishes or poultry, it will be supposed we remove the pe'tsa and fly grease, it will be supposed we no animally use plant greases in the cooking and. The vegetarians present the smaller rates of artirjoskli'rwsis.
The salty foods are factors of danger. And the danger is still bigger when we present hypertension.
The caffeine is factor of danger, particularly when it is consumed in big quantities. Coffee, tea and refreshments of type cola contain caffeine.
What we can make therefore?
It will be supposed we remembered that the artirjoskli'rwsi stop s more persons than all the other causes together. It should not we ignore also the other causes of stop living (it will be supposed we often make tsek ap for cancer, it will be supposed we lead carefully our car in order to we limit the danger of accident etc). But most important that we can make in order to we help, is to be careful the factors of danger for the artirjoskli'rwsi.
But it is not enough we only know the factors of danger. The good news is, that most of this factors of danger can change: decrease itself or they are eliminated. We can make more exercise, lose weight, fly for always the parcel with the cigarettes, eat less animal greases and foods that have cholesterol, try to remove the stress from our life. Many of them need determination and will in order to him we achieve. But deserves the effort! Even the small changes can help also as long as we more near found in the objective to eliminate this factors, so much more hro'nja prospe'soyme in our life and so much more life we will add in our years!


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