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WHY DO leave from life THE PERSONS?
In Greece, as in remainder Europe and in the Notherner America, become studies and are recorded the most frequent causes of stop living. In the bigger part of 20th century and in the beginnings 21st, the causes of stop living (at order of frequency) are the following:
1. Cardiopathies
2. Cancer
3. Accidents and wounds
4. Pneymonopa'cejes
5. Cardiac offences
Here it will be supposed we point out two things.
First is the question: how many from this stop livings have relation with the smoking? The answer is, all apart from cause yp' number 3 and in particular constitutes one from the mainer causes. The accidents and the wounds are usually not caused by the smoking - unless sleeps no one smoking and takes fire his bed, or to him falls kay'tra the cigarette on his hour where it leads to the national road! But for all other stop livings, the smoking is important cause.
Second important that it should we know with regard to this list, they are that the first place possess the cardiopathies. Most persons leave from life from cardiopathies in numbers bigger and from the sum of remainder reasons! This becomes much more impressive when we realise that the cause of cardiopathies is the artirjoskli'rwsi. And the himself this process - the hardening of arteries that is to say - is also the cause of cardiac offences! Thus the answer in the question of title - Why leave from life the do persons? - it is that the artirjoskli'rwsi kills more persons than all the other causes together!
Artirjoskli'rwsi: The yp' number a cause
It be very important wouldn't are found the reasons of artirjoskli'rwsis? Learn why it is caused also how we can him anticipate? The doctors, for fifty years, began the researches in order to they discover this causes. In the decade 1940 a international team of researchers of doctors they chose a small city in the United States, the Fra'mjngkam, a suburb of Boston. And began to watch all the residents of this city. They very made a lot of examinations in all and then they watched all the residents, even those that had left from the Fra'mjngkam, keeping files on all. And they recorded those that suffered artirjoskli'rwsi or died exajtj'as her.
Then, in the decade 1960, they began to find certain interesting models in the elements that they had recorded. They checked the files of those that had suffered artirjoskli'rwsi or had died exajtj'as her and they wondered what the public had this persons. Existed elements in their medical files that would show that existed various reasons,
This reasons him named "factors of danger ". A "factor of danger " is something that makes the person most corruptible in the artirjoskli'rwsi. And in the years that followed, kacw's were assembled continuously more elements than the researches in the Fra'mjngkam and other similar researches for the reasons of artirjoskli'rwsis, this factors of danger were determined better and of course. Today, we know very many… We know however the answer in the question, Why do leave from life the persons?
The factors of danger belong in three categories:
1. Things for which we cannot make nothing.
2. ¢lles illnesses that us make more corruptible in the artirjoskli'rwsi
3. Our way of life (for which we can we make very many!)
Factor of danger 1: Things for which we cannot make nothing.
Exist certain things that we cannot change, that us they make present or no artirjoskli'rwsi.
First is our age. Today we are bigger and this it cannot change. Each day we age more also as long as more we age, so much more likely are we suffer artirjoskli'rwsi.
Second they are the genes. The men are in danger more from the women. It is more likely they leave from life from cardiac offence and they die in smaller age from the women. But also the women cannot be considered that they are sure: the cardiac offences are also the yp' number cause of stop living in the women. And afterwards the menopause, the rates of artirjoskli'rwsis in the women are increased too much, in order that in the age of 70 years, they reach the percentages of men.
The third factor is the heredity. We cannot choose our parents! And if the parents us bore from artirjoskli'rwsi, then are very likely we suffer also we.
For this three factors of danger, therefore, we cannot make nothing. This means that if you have one from this three factors, it will be supposed you are careful particularly the two next categories, for which you can do something!
Factor of danger 2: Common illnesses that can you make corruptible in the artirjoskli'rwsi.
This category has also three factors of danger. First is the diabetes. Diabetics it is very likely they suffer artirjoskli'rwsi. Exist two types of diabetes, the type that begins in the children's age and the type that is developed in the persons s. The children's diabetes is most serious than the two. But also this two illnesses can be faced also in particular the diabetes in the persons s can be cured. And as long as it is faced and better checked the diabetes, so much smaller is the danger of cardiac offence.
The second factor of danger in this category is the high arterial pressure (hypertension). The hypertension can be also faced in certain cases be cured. And be in effect what also in the case of diabetes: as long as better it is faced and checked the hypertension, so much smaller is the danger suffers no one artirjoskli'rwsi.
The third factor of danger in this category of usual illnesses is the obesity. Corpulent present more cardiac offences and cerebral concerning persons that have regular weight. And the obesity can be faced and cured. It needs force of will and determination. But deserves the effort. Not only in the subject of appearance, but for the subject of health.


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