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The water overcomes… again
Does not exist nothing simpler than water. And does not exist also nothing more caymasto' from this. With so much big quantities in our disposal and so much cheap, it would be supposed him we are careful more and him we exploited exceedingly.
The water covers a enormous percentage of gi'jnis surface… and however, it is constituted only by three individuals per molecule. For entire generations, the children in the school him made in the laboratory. It hides minimal mysteries. His use does not have no one almost side effect. His cost is midamjno'… and however, we show unwillingness pj'noyme six glasses the day.
All we know how much big value it has water for our body. It constitutes roughly our sixty tojs hundred bodily weight and roughly our seventy five tojs hundred brain. Even these numbers would be supposed to us to say something! We can live weeks entire without food, but only few days without water.
We know that it better regulates the temperature of our body and from the most modern digital thermostat. It changes the food that we eat in useful energy that regulates each operation in our body and transports this energy in each cell. It still splits the useless products our intellectual and natural energies and transports the useless materials in the centre of "djakomjdi's litter of " our organism. With few reasons, we live charm in the water that our body uses in each second that we breathe.
Today, the medical science has shown that many of our medical problems are owed in that we turn the back in this simple substance, in that we ignore the need to take satisfactory quantities of water in regular base. Need at least 6 and at preference 8-10 big glasses water the day. The lack of water leads to the dehydration. In the symptoms are included light-headednesses, headaches and lassitude. It can we feel hunger and we cannot think rightly. It can we have even problem of memory. Now finally you tryed somebody from this symptoms? Front you begin to think that the headaches can emanate from some volume in the brain or that the loss of memory can be owed in premature ageing, you try simply to take satisfactory quantities of water each day. It can be enough this in order to you have clean brain and are disappearred the headaches. Be a pleasant wouldn't surprise this?
Front therefore - drink 8 or even more big glasses water each day. Researches that became in the United States showed that only the 35% of population pj'nej this quantity of water and suspect that the things will not be also very otherwise here in Greece. But you can him change this. Attend your health. Pjej'te 2 big glasses water as soon as you wake up the morning, 2 or even more the midday, the 2 afternoon and the 2 evening. ¢lla two in some moment of day would not be bad idea, and thus the total could reach the ten glasses the day. Do not replace water with coffee, tea or other kafej!noy'ha drinks - they have this their problems. And you do not think that juices of fruits and vegetables can replace the 8-10 glasses of water. The juices can be nutritious, but they do not have the vital attributes of water, for which we will speak below, you will be astonished learning for the new researches that have become relatively.
And you remember: Do not wait for to be thirsty in order to pjej'te water. Researches showed that if you are based on this sense, then you have already you begin to feel the results of dehydration. For this you acquire the habit drink water in regular base, or you are thirsty or no. If you make some exercise or if you are exposed in heat, then naturally you will want pjej'te above 8 glasses the day. And if drink already 8 glasses the day and feel still thirst certain moments the day, then pjej'te and other. It is this reason. Acquire the habit to take with you a bottle water, where if you go also - in the office, in the ground, in the park or in the beach. Many are those that take together their bottle even in the church or in the cinema.
You would want to hear also other pleasant news? want to learn also other beneficial results that it has cheap and drosjstjko' clean water?
Researches in England showed a big reduction of cancer of breast in women where e'pjnan satisfactory quantities of water. A study in the Seattle of United States showed a reduction of order the 46L% in the cases of cancer in ko'lon in those that e'pjnan even four glasses water the day, contrary to those that e'pjnan only two glasses. Researchers of Anticancer Centre in Hawaii observed that the 8 glasses of water the day had as result a reduction of order the 80% in the cases of cancer of bladder in women. In the New York, scientists realised that the asthma deteriorated in those where e'pjnan satisfactory quantities of water. These are pilot studies and I am sure that very shortly we will have ascertainments also from other researchers that deal with the subject.
And now, the most impressive research for water. one and above the half stop livings in the industrial countries they are owed in cardiovascular diseases, it could wonder no one an the simple water could be used for the confrontation of cardiopathies. E, therefore, him you will not believe: the water can anticipate this illnesses!
Before certain months were given a interview of Press and a article followed little afterwards in the Ajpepoai j!ojjpjaj'! oj'E'rj'a'vpi'oJo^n (Volume 155, Number 9). Researchers in the Academic Medical Centre of Lo'ma Lj'nta in the Kaljfo'rnja revealed that the reception of big quantities of water is the himself important with the exercise, the diet, the reject of smoking in the prevention of cardiopathies and particularly the diseases of coronary.
" Pj'noyme enough water he is same damaging for our health with the smoking ", warns the Dr. Zaklj'n Tsan, ereyni'trja and writer of this article.
The Dr. Tsan and her assistant, Sjno'v Knoy'tsen, epidemiologist, realised that the 20.000 Kaljforne'zoj Antventjste's of Seventh day, that e'pjnan five or more glasses water the day, presented smaller danger of disease coronary compared to those that e'pjnan least from two glasses the day.
The study "Water, other liquids and disease of coronary " shows that at least four main components of blood, that are considered independent factors of danger for disease of coronary, can increase itself with the dehydration - something that we reported also in the beginning of this article.
The results of this study show that the reception of abundant water decreases the danger - in healthy persons, without background of cardiopathies - dies from cardiac offence at fifty and more tojs hundred. It is the himself, as if they had taken all the other known preventive metres, ana'mesa in which the ko'bjmo smoking, the reduction of levels of cholesterol, the increase and the maintenance of ideal weight.
Pj'noyme more water it is a simple change in our way of life, that we can adopt all and it can save thousands lives each day with almost midamjno' cost.
The accent should be given in simple water. Those in the study that e'pjnan abundant quantities of other liquids, as juices of fruits, milk or refreshments, did not have the same protection. Actually, those that e'pjnan the other liquids, even 5 glasses the day or more, had ayzijje'no danger for cardiopathies. It appears that the reception of big quantities of clean water, as to us him gives our Author, arajw'nej the blood and thus decreases the danger of clots of blood in the coronary arteries. The other liquids do not appear to function in this way.
The message therefore is: "drink water for your heart ". But drink alkoo'l with his negative natural and social side effects. And you do not believe that the juices of fruits, the soups or the milk, as long as nutritiously and if it is, they will help your heart. Our basic priority should be one and alone: water, only water. drink abundant water in regular base. drink water where also if you find themselves and drink parapa'nw quantities when you are thirsty, beyond the 8-10 glasses where it should drink daily. drink water for your heart. It can save your life!


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