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This is a fourth characteristic of good communication that will be supposed it is added in our list. It should we clearly show the one in the other that we cared, we respected and we appreciate our companion. In no one it does not like ignoring, him they face as ‘’me'ros epj'plwsis’’ or the considering datum. Such something us bothers when eg to us is brought bad some salesman s’ a shop, how many rather when us faces kat’ this way our companion! We encourage lettered and action, we say ‘’eyharjstw'’’ or we express our estimate it is so much necessary but also so much easily him we neglect.
8 At the handling of conflict they need more – but also are tryed intensely – the communication faculties. Conflict s’ a marriage it is likely and next to happen. Sometimes it concerns common subjects and other objectives and their way of realisation. It can exist conflicts of interests, opinions, opinions with regard to the use of time or money, or even with the handling of children.
Often what is important for a individual, appears and so much important for the other. What exists at depth, is the make that two persons they have very different ideas with regard to the ‘’tj it should gj'nej’’ and this threatens it activates big intensity. Sometimes it includes conflict of wills and personalities.
If a pair does not learn ways to handle these situations the conflict can become devastating and the communication becomes closed and hostile. The observations that will become - s’ this case – will be actually attacks against the other, despite comments above in the subject that is discussed. Even if the two sides function kat’ this way, they cannot be shared, n’ they hear and n’ they correspond in the opinions the one of other. Will only exist increasing anger and two persons s’ a one way road of not communication, where each one tries it influences the other so that it adopts his opinions.
In the devastating conflict the companion becomes opponent that should it is overcome and katatropwcej' with possible means.
Does not exist place for respect, justice and logic between equal. These recede front in bad spirit strations of force, `'podopati'mata' ', raised voices, `'ntailj'kja' ', invocations of power and sometimes in ysterjka' outbreaks of bodily sports . The things go from the villain to the villain. Which initial subjects are lost in in the general agitation, the conflict increases, the misunderstandings are multiplied, nothing are not untied, the hopes are shattered and in the withdrawl it is found shelter. This does not give solution in nothing and `'ma'hi' ' it is likely is continued some moment later, in the future. Still however and if it is not continued, the assembled and stored rancors and disappointments it is likely they burden the pair in the future.

It should is found a better way and this exists. At eayti' conflict is not something villain. The persons can aim at different ideas and also via constructive exploration of their differences, they can him exeygenj'soyn and they improve together. Two heads are better than the one and combined efforts of beloved pair are next to turn out more satisfactory and effective compared to a pair `'klejdwme'no' ' in devastating conflict.


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