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The happy pairs worked hardly in they know what he tried to them says their companion in most subjects. They were ready to hear carefully the one the other, to hear what really had been said and anymore feelings were expressed. Dissolution of communication happens when two persons persist so much in ‘’pera'soyn’’ their own opinions and sentiments, that fail they occupy the opinion of other. The discussion becomes one way road and falls on ‘’koyfa' aytja'.’’
The cheerful pairs avoided also reactions that extracted the attention, as well as provocative statements. Energies that likely prevent what the other tries it expresses. Also asks no one djeykrjni'sejs with regard to the message that tries the other it transports, it can help the precision of communication. This is often named ‘’energi' akro'asi’’. Naturally we can know a individual only when this is ready us to allow such something. We can hear only when we express something with a view we him we hear.


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The operations of metwpjaj'oy lobe

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