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The marriage is a travel
The marriage is a special relation between two persons – of woman and man – and they work together harmoniously it is a important required qualification.
They work together effectively and enjoys the one other, can happen when the companions learn they communicate openly also with care – qualitative communication. This requires effort. You give and you receive help, you support and you encourage, corresponding in the challenges and working at the duration of crises, they are a process that should maceytej'. As soon as this becomes, it renders capable the pair it works with harmony and it is developed in in the marriage. This it appears obvious, but many many times him we consider datum and we neglect to develop our faculties of communication together.
Who it is therefore good communication, with ‘’hejropjastoy's’’ terms? A mele'ti1 in university in the I.P.A., it examined fo'rmes communication that used happy pairs and him compare with problematic pairs that asked advices for the marriage. Existed three characteristics of beneficial communication: you know via his you hear, speak and discuss, and understand without words. As him we examine a little more.

The marriage is a travel

Discussing, hearing and regulating the things
You know via his you hear
Speaking and discussing
Understand without reasons

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